We want the freight but you can’t park here!

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Sorry no trucks are allowed to park here, your going to have to leave!

I get so fuck tired of hearing “sorry sir you can’t park here”, from it seems like ever one and their mother. Ask any driver out there what is the biggest concern is in their day to day operation? You will hear “I hope I can find a spot to park tonight”. WOW, yeah I know I was shocked too, I thought they would have said “why don’t the truck stop offer more commercial company at this location?” I was wrong to, I digress. Some cities seem to have what appears to be at least a half baked plan for truck parking, while others don’t give a fucking shit! Orlando, FL falls in the I DON’T GIVE A SHIT CATEGORY.truckparking

I delivered there this past Monday morning and found myself in a huge fucking mess trying to find a place to park. (among other problems, I hope to maybe make a video about at some point) After pussy farting around half the morning looking, I found what looked like the only parking spot left in all of Orlando, FL. It was in a run down part of town around the corner from the Greyhound bus station off of John Young parkway. I was looking to rest however this area is the type of place you keep one eye open, I was not happy to be parking here.

Three hours into my rest I get a bang on the door I am like “fuck it is the cops” WRONG. It is the business owner across the street he says to me “can you please move your truck, you’re blocking our view”. I am like “um, what do you mean this is a legal parking spot no signs saying no truck parking”. He explains to me “We park our vehicles in that lot next to you and often times thugs break into our cars or steal them, so with you parked here we can’t monitor the activity of that lot”. I moved my truck for the man, not because I felt any concern for his situation rather I was worried about my own damn self!

I went down W. Colonial parkway(because everything in FL is a parkway, even the alley ways)  till I found another semi parked, signs again all over the place saying “no semi parking you will get yo ass towed bitch” seriously that is what the sign said. I went in the shop asked the owner if I could park he agreed. I could not believe it I got good rest at this location and no hookers or drug dealers to worry about.

That was the short version of that story, as I forget the rest of the bullshit. I am a firm believer in moving forward I have no time to dwell on the downsides. If I did I could end up like this dude who I was reading about. The guy had been parking his rig on his street for years. Several months ago, however, he found that his favorite parking spot had become a no-parking zone, following the completion of the pedestrian mall in the city center, but he continued parking there anyway.parkingticket

City parking inspectors apparently didn’t care about the “historic connection” between the truck driver and his parking spot, and they began ticketing his truck every time they found it in a space where parking was now prohibited.

The 52-year-old truck driver’s fury over the tickets allegedly got the better of him. He was arrested yesterday on suspicion of setting fire Tuesday night to the offices of the enforcement division of his local Municipality. The offices, which were housed in trailers, were totally destroyed, but no one was injured. One witness reported seeing the suspect arrive at the scene, torch the premises and flee the scene in a passenger car. The witness also reportedly saw part of the vehicle’s license number.

An hour later, police tracked down the person whom they believed to be the owner of the car, based on the license plate, and questioned him. He told police that he had lent the car to a friend. When police arrived at the home of the friend – the truck driver – they found a hooded sweatshirt that smelled of gasoline. The hood of the car, which was parked outside, was still warm.

They detained the driver, who initially denied involvement in the blaze but under interrogation confessed to the arson as revenge against the the parking inspectors. The suspect was taken to the scene of the fire, where he reenacted the crime for officers. He was brought before a judge for a remand hearing, during which police asked that he remain in custodytrailer fire.

I have been getting the same kind of treatment in my town for the last 5 years or so but damn. He took that shit far eh? What about you, do you get fucked around like this too? Leave a message in the comments section below share your story with me.

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  1. Drory Nadav says:

    You Can’t Win Out there,No Matter How Much You Try Not To let It Get The best Of You ,It Does,We should Charge A Parking Surcharge,Plus Time Spent While Waiting to unload,Its Time For Drivers To Take Control ,While Your At The Destination Of Delivery,Charge Charge,Or Strike And Shut Down The Country Until We Are Heard,Don’t Get Me Wrong,It has To be Organized, To Our Benefit,Unionize Organize,See How Fast They will Try To Replace Us,But We Can Also Slow Things up Quiet Abit, 10/4

  2. Mike B says:


    I just listened to one of your older podcasts you did last year. In this podcast you read and commented on various news stories from a trucking industry magazine. I really like this concept, your ability to verbally editorialize is very good! Also, your knowledge of basic economic/business principles really impress me, this is something most drivers do not seem to have. I would like to encourage you to dedicate a portion of your show to trucking news commentary. I have listened to most of the trucking podcast on ITunes and yours is by far the best, as a matter of fact your show is the only trucking show I listen to anymore on ITunes.

    I wonder if you have ever listened to the ATBS Trucking Business & Beyond every day from 12Mid-1AM ET and Saturday and Sunday from 4-7PM ET on the road dog channel?? The reason I ask is because the shows host Kevin Ruthford went from a trucking back ground into the media business. The reason I bring this up is because I get the feeling you are considering one day making that same transition so you might find how he made that transition of interest? I know he dose a lot of video production work for his various projects.

    As of right now I am a LTL line driver that runs 5 nights a week between Medford and Portland Oregon. Listening to your podcast helps keep me engaged and alert through out the long night and it keeps me in touch with the over the road truckload side of the industry and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Well keep up the good work!

    Mike b

  3. ScorpDX says:

    The sad part is that some of the truckers themselves have created most of the parking problems of today. How many time have we all seen someone dumping trash in a lot or throwing piss bottles out the window and of course the “trucker bombs”. All because some lazy ass can’t walk 10′ to a trash can!

    I asked a DOT officer a question one day…
    Me “If safety is your biggest concern and the reason you guys do your job and get the unsafe drivers off the road, how come you won’t let us park in the closed-down weigh stations at night?”

    Him “We got tired of the piss bottles…would you want to lay around in piss to do your job everyday?”

    Lastly, I found something that has worked for me on a few occasions. But doesn’t work so well during the day…

    Next time it’s late evening and you need a place to park, back into a dock a business that looks like they are an 8a-5p type place. Then if anyone wakes you in the morning ask them if this is “xyz company at 123whatever street” and when they say no…leave. That’s worked for me a time or two when i needed somewhere to park in the Northeast area

  4. Chad Nappin says:

    Im fairly fortunate in the town I live in that a land owner in my town about 4 blocks away has about an acre extra and he graveled it and put plates down for trailers. If you park there regularly he wants 10.00 a month and 25 in the winter if you need a plug in. It doesnt get any more reasonable than that. My father drives a tanker and brings his truck home every day the local impound yard has made a deal with him to park it there for 100 / month. Ive only been driving for 4 weeks and so far even in congested parking lots have been able to “make a spot that doesnt impede anyone else. Im scared to death of what I hear of drivers that have been robbed or the one in south carolina being shot over 7.00. what can we do? wal marts are starting to say no one thing Im considering is if I cant find a spot possibly find either a truck rental or truck repair shop and trying to get permission to park there if necessary. another idea I have is slipping someone at a truck wash a few bucks if they will let you park in an out of the way area. any comments on any of these ideas?

  5. ive been listen to you the last few days, keep up the gd wrk.

  6. Jason says:

    Holy fireball, batman…that driver went too far by torching the local police station.

    Being a driver myself, yes i do get irritated by police and other nutcases who wants “you the driver, your truck off the property effective immediately.” I do not have a solution to that problem, but to say, under my breath, F you people, your property because i am tired and miserable.

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