Twitter and Stripper

admin | May 12, 2009 | 29 Comments

Twitter and stripper is my latest video filmed on location at Jubitz truck stop in Portland,OR USA. It is a epic prank played on a friend who constantly updates his social networks like twitter and brightkite with his every location! So I went out to find him and teach him a lesson.

Driver Geoff was a great sport for not kicking my ass check him out here and subscribe. Special thanks to Zoetoots for filming the hidden video you can find her here.

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Comments (29)

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  1. Ryan Crawford says:

    Man I love your Utube videos.I stumbled across them tonight and found your website.I drove for a short time OTR and came back home.But still love to drive, just like coming home at night better.You are right we have to stand together against all lawmakers and politicians and sorry companys who run their truckers in the ground and make a change for the better for those who are out on the roads “moving the country”.I will do anything I can to help support truckers.Keep up the great videos.Great website too!

  2. ZoeToots says:

    I didn’t do anything to DriverGeoff, It was ALL Trucker Steve! I would never…..ever… do sucha thing! : )

  3. thats funny as hell steve.

  4. mazdaman1982 says:

    LMFAO o-shit man where did this vid come from man Geoff he do’s twit to much , but brother when i seen that cop dude walk buy i thought he was a real cop LMAO bro i cant bealeve he started to strip infront of geoff bro that was priceless HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all 5′s from me hahaahahahahaha

  5. mazdaman1982 says:

    shit i had to see this the second time this shit is was to fricken funny as hell hahahha

  6. poboytrucker says:

    Poor poor Geoff…lmao ;)

  7. ZoeToots says:

    i think DriverGeoff really, secretly liked it. : )

  8. mazdaman1982 says:

    ya i saw him blushing lol this is funny shit lol

  9. ZoeToots says:

    It was more fun to watch him squirm!

  10. hijinxross says:

    If I say I Twitter too much will you send that cop to me? He can bring the handcuffs! I don’t mind. Great video

  11. oneeyelucky says:

    Oh! shit . Even I got my heart bumping and blood risen. That’s pretty embarrassing and pretty freaking uncomfortable. That prank is way too risky, you must absolutely positively trust your victim.Like the man said: THAT AIN’T RIGHT MAN!!!

  12. Newfieguy89 says:

    Had to come back and watch Geoff get his….hahahaha…oh god that was classic. Good thing I am up here in Canada…that’s one place you aint gonna be…BITCH!! lol

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  14. drivergeoff says:

    lol how the fuck are ya?

  15. ZoeToots says:

    So… said your headed to P-town soon? You did get ur truck fixed (again) right?

  16. drivergeoff says:

    nope still home. broke down

  17. calitrucker1 says:

    hey Geoff. whats wrong with your truck?

  18. drivergeoff says:

    i believe an injector… its throwing injector #2 code.. but might be a sleeve

  19. ZoeToots says:

    NO! come on DG!! I’m sorry to hear that! Is it back in the shop getting fixed??? I wanted to give you some TP! : ) teehee!

  20. ZoeToots says:

    YOU know you loved it drivergeoff!

  21. LOL… This is the first time I heard about this,,,,,

  22. DAAAMN, just DAMMMMN. My name is Heather Rose and I Twitter waaaay to much…… Come arrest me Doll……Wooo Hooo

  23. I would be very, very red on my face if someone would to that to me LOL, that was funny!5*!

  24. scumbubbles1 says:

    That’s was damn funny

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