Flying J sold out to Pilot travel centers, the bastards

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It is a sad fucking day yall,

Details are emerging through legal documents filed Tuesday on a complex pre-merger agreement between Flying J Inc. and Pilot Travel Centers in which Pilot would buy Flying J’s 250 travel centers, corporate headquarters and many other assets and Flying J would be become a minor shareholder in Pilot.pilot

Flying J Inc., which has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection since December 22, announced the agreement with Pilot Travel Centers Tuesday, with officials of both companies saying the move will lift Flying J out of bankruptcy and help both companies operate more effectively.

Particulars of the arrangement were revealed as Fying J filed a motion Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, where it is incorporated, seeking court approval of its deal with Pilot. Included in the filing was a letter of intent regarding assets Flying J is offering Pilot. Some portions of the letter were filed under seal.

Flying J entered bankruptcy after a sharp drop in oil prices and disruption of credit markets left it with a severe short-term liquidity problem. The company faces an Aug. 4 deadline to post collateral that replaces $22 million in surety bonds terminating on that date that guarantee Flying J’s operation. As of July 10, Flying J had $28.5 million cash on hand.

“The Debtors now face the termination of a majority of their bonds in a matter of weeks,” Flying J said in the motion filed Tuesday.

This threatened the company’s ability to continue its restructuring and, according to the filing, was a key impetus for the agreement with Pilot Travel Centers.

As outlined in the filings, Pilot Travel Centers would pay between $300 and $500 million plus an equity stake in Pilot to buy certain Flying J assets during a period in which Pilot would have exclusive rights to do so. These assets would include all 270 Flying J travel centers, its trucking operations, corporate headquarters in Ogden, Utah, including the building and operations, some properties adjacent to travel centers and other business operations.

Flying J’s corporate headquarters would move from Odgen to Knoxville, where Pilot is headquartered. According to the filing, Flying J Inc. business operations are valued at $1.189 billion and the value of Pilot Travel Centers is listed at $3.291 billion.

flying-jFlying J has other operations that would be excluded from the purchase, including its refining operations, oil and gas operations; credit card, banking and insurance businesses; pipeline operations; aircraft and aircraft-related assets and real estate.

Also as part of the agreement, Pilot Travel Centers will provide Flying J with $100 million in “post petition” financing to help cover its operating expenses until the two companies can merge. This would be provided as a $55 million revolving line of credit and $45 million in performance, surety or similar bonds.

Once the merger transaction is concluded, Flying J would be allowed to enter into stockholder agreements with Pilot, and would have minority shareholder and other rights. It also would have one year to purchase up to $200 million in additional equity in Pilot Travel Centers.

Flying J is asking Bankruptcy Court to let it submit information in its letter of intent under seal, citing it proprietary importance. Included in the information sought to be sealed is the resolution of a 2006 lawsuit between Flying J and Pilot Travel Centers.

Flying J filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City against Pilot Travel Centers and TravelCenters of America, accusing them of boycotting Flying J Fuel cards under pressure from Condata Corp., which the lawsuit alleged controls 70 percent of the trucker fuel card market. In its response to the lawsuit, Pilot Travel Centers denied it was part of any such group boycott.

“As part of the sale transaction contemplated by the Letter of Intent, Flying J and Pilot have entered into an agreement with respect to the District Court Action,” Flying J said in its Tuesday bankruptcy filing. It asked the court to keep details of that agreement confidential.

Flying J is a major distributor of diesel fuel and operates 270 travel centers in 41 states and six Canadian provinces.

Pilot Travel Centers operates more than 300 travel centers in 41 states, plus a Canada travel center, and employs 13,000 around the country, with each travel center averaging $15 million in revenue per year. Headquartered in Knoxville, Pilot Travel Centers is a partnership between Pilot Corp., which is wholly owned by the Haslam family, and by Propeller Corp., which is owned by funds advised by CVC Capital Partners, a leading global private equity firm.

Pilot Corp. and the Haslam family, which includes founder Jim Haslam and his sons, Pilot Travel Centers CEO Jimmy Haslam and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, have owned 52.5 percent of Pilot Travel Centers since buying out Marathon Oil Co.’s 50 percent interest last year for $700 million.

Propellar Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of CVC Captial Partners funds, owns the minority stake in Pilot.

Pilot Travel Centers’ annual revenues totaled $16 billion in 2008.

Flying J has 15,000 employees nationwide and had sales exceeding $18 billion in 2008, placing it among the top 20 on Forbe’s magazine’s list of the 500 Largest Private Companies In America.

The only thing good I can see coming out of this situation is now flying j’s coffee won’t taste like what their parking lot smells like! I certainly fucking hope Pilot don’t fuck up and take out all the restuarants. If you think there are a lot of fat ass truckers out there now wait till there is nothing but Mc’D's and Arby’s at every truck stop.

It will be pilots version of a eutopia of large motherfuckers with out a salad to be found across the land. Looks like this big boy might need to start cooking in his own truck. Ah fuck it, time to get back up to the buffet here at the Petro before this fat bitch infront of me with 3 butt cheeks takes the last of the ham.  Good day all!

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  1. Christy says:

    Sheez….that’s a damned shame! The only place I could get a decent salad was at the Flying J. Plus, they had internet access and the peelots didn’t. I liked the Flying J’s the best out of the big three. Yeah…watch peelot screw it all up!

  2. Jason says:

    Ah, here we go, i posted my last comment in the wrong area. But anyway, getting to the point, I do NOT know when or where this supposed recession is going to end, with the buyout of Petro to T/A then Flying J to Pilot, where is the Love’s truck stop going to come into play in all this? With the mom and pop shops?

  3. Joe says:



    Pilots SUCK, No Parking, High priced fuel, Pilots Suck!!!!

  4. Bobby says:

    Well I’ll be. Where the hell are all of the trucking companies that should be weighing in on this deal. Wasn’t it just the other day that drivers were at the top of everyone’s list? Now the industry is going to sit and watch Pilot corner the truck stop market and nobody cares!!!!??? So I guess drivers don’t matter after all to these fat cat trucking owners. If we did, then why would they not only send us into the MikkyD’s with a fuel island wannabe truck stops, but sit by and let them take over the truck stop industry. Hide and watch, and mark this date…..trucking will not only pay dearly for drivers when this economy turns around, but they will pay out the nose for fuel when Pilot has the market cornered.

    PS to shippers….Can you say trickle up economics? Uh ha, I thought you could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Charles says:

    Wow!!!! So the big just get bigger and us poor fat truckers just keep getting the shaft! Can’t wait until freight picks up out here, cause I gonna leave this no good bunch I with today just as soon as there is another company who won’t force me into these godforsaken piece of shit Pilot’s. They say they get the best price here, but I bet if our owner ride with me one trip and see what I have to put up with in ever one of these dirt back places, he’d see that there is not savings after all. You can’t find an open shower, and if you do its filthy, and that is if you can even scrape your rig into a parking spot without putting to many dents in their run down equipment. And how am I suppoesd to scan my stuff at one of these places if I cant even find a place to park. And these are the guys that are buying J? I guess if you save enough money off of the backs of us truckers, anything is possible. My daddy always said, what goes around comes around. At the rate Im goin, and eatting all this crappy food, I doubt I live long enough to see it though.

  6. now where will i go to get an overpriced and rather old cup of burnt coffee at 4 in the morning?

  7. Mace713 says:

    Dec. 22nd, of ‘OWE8′ sounds like the perfect time, I shoulda’ ‘chaptered 11′, the only FUEL DEPOT WORTH GOIN’ TOO!! FLYING J’s ya’ gotta’ve loved ‘em even if they were owned by ‘MORMONS’ they kept me travelling as long as they did, also, I thought, one day a person approached me while fueling up; asking me if I could give them money for a ‘shower’, so I gave them one of my many extra ‘Flying J Shower Coupons’… (The person I’m talkin’ about is one of the Wandering Vets out amongst the vast population, init that place happened to be in ‘Chilliwack, BC., CANADA’..)

    Much ado, about those Pilot Stops out there on the map, do what you can to, avoid them at will, or even better tell yer’ boss to find a better ‘FUEL LOCK COMPANY’.

  8. Snorelord says:

    I heard they’re gonna change the name to The Flying P.

  9. Roger Ramjet says:

    I hardly think the food service area at a Flying J qualifies as a restaurant. True, the salad bar isn’t too bad, but as to the menu food(if you can call that prepackaged, microwave warmed shit food)… well I wouldn’t give that to my dog. What happened to a restaurant where there is a real cook in the kitchen, who can take a piece of chicken, and grill it, or bread it, or broil it,as the customer orders? OR serve a hot beef sandwich where the beef is sliced off a roast from a cow, instead of being processed deli beef warmed in a microwave? I’ll tell you what happened; Flying J got rid of anyone who knows anything about cooking, and struck a deal with Sysco to provide prepackaged “meals” that any dope off the street can throw in a microwave. I’d have to be desperate before i’d spend a nickel in the FJ “restaurant”! Petro, here I come!!

    • admin says:

      I here exactly what you are saying! Flying J is nothing special that is for sure. At least they had a place to eat, I hope pilot don’t move in taco bell/subway into all the flying j’s that shit would suck even worse!

    • SolongJ says:

      Not sure where you are eating? Doesn't matter anyway…Denny's Perkins, and IHOP will be taking over. Flying J over the past 2 years used only Choice US beef, Trident seafood (like on deadliest catch) fresh chicken, and fresh produce. The only "pre-cooked" item in the kitchen was pot-roast. Enjoy eating what the chains are gonna offfer F-Wad!

      • Iknowitall says:

        Sysco does not cut deals to supply pre-cooked food. They are only a carrier of products. Flying J has contracts with every one of its suppliers right down to sugar packets. Sysco Sucks!

  10. ??? says:

    Flying J has already notified all employees that the restaurants will no longer be operated by Flying J/Pilot and nationwide companies will bid on the locations. All employees will be given an interview with whoever takes them over.

  11. Ex Employee says:

    I worked at a pilot for a while and they train you to use the dirty towels that are left in the shower to clean them for the next guy.. The showers are gross and they treat there employees like shit. They will not give you overtime, if I ever went over 40 hours they would give me 40 on one check and put the rest of the tome on next weeks check..

    • Common Sense says:

      That is just a flat out lie. You must think professional drivers are so stupid they wouldn't notice a dirty towel in the shower.

      • No Lie says:

        I can believe it. I used to work maintenance at Flying J Blacksburg, SC. Same thing. Guy training me shows me how to clean them right, then how to clean them so you dont have a huge line. use the dirty towels to wipe the walls and the sink and run a dirty mop on the floor with no cleaner. throw 2 clean towels a bathmat and a washcloth in, shut the door and thats it. took him about 45 minutes compared to the 6 minutes its supposed to take to clean them right. Its okay though truckers. When i had shower duty, I cleaned the hell out of them showers. Then got complained on by other slack ass employees for taking too long. I’d sure worry now though because to tell u the truth i was the only one that cleaned them the way they were supposed to be. Flying J, Pilot, it doesnt matter. they crunch on hours, cut down on staff, and give the employees no choice but to take these shortcuts. Add that to the lazy ass help they hire. you got a problem.

    • scott says:

      Employees are intimidated at pilot pretty bad. Employees are pressured to upsell and if their numbers aren’t good enough they cut their hours or find a way to get rid of them. This is going to spread like a disease to the flying j and you will see the service and any pleasant atmosphere that was there go away.

  12. steve says:

    you all a bunch of cry baby fat ass truck driver that pee in the parking lots,if you don't like that pilots took over the J because they can't manage money call OOIDA..ohhhhh wait a sec. there a bunch of money thiefs too for the truck driver

    • admin says:

      I agree with your ooida comment. Not all truckers are trashy tho. Thanks for the comment, your opinions are always valid here!

  13. Rambus says:

    Has anyone heard that this deal might not have gone through…that the accountants and lawyers coulndnt come to a final agreement?

  14. Jinny says:

    also no that ive worked at pilot for 6 years, on the resturaunt side. Ive been cussed out, pushed, had a sandwich throw at my prengnate belly, and endured horrible sexual harrasment, this stuff happends at least once a week, dont get me wrong most truck driver are nice and friendly but others are down right horrible people. If you thinks its bad on your side try ours some time.

    • admin says:

      Jinny – Thanks for the message on this thread. I would love to talk about the abuse you have encountered working in this kind of environment. Many truckers read and soon to be truckers read this blog, If i can related your story to them perhaps you could save another young lady from going through all that you have suffered. What do you think?

    • Bonny Cole says:

      Jinny, I am sorry for what u went through or go through, but at least u can go home every night to a warm bed and CLEAN SHOWER. In order to get product to our customers, we don’t have that. So, if that’s all u have to complain about, count ur blessings. BTW, pregnant is the correct spelling.

  15. Big Ben says:

    There are some facts that all of your truckers should know about the Pilot/Flying J Merger….First, if it weren’t for Pilot giving FJ approx.$500 million there would be NO FJ’s left open at this point. Second, it was FJ’s ownership and management that caused all of this to happen. They bet the farm that the price of fuel was going to keep going up and bought futures based on that. If it would have gone their way you (we) the truckers trying to make a living out there on the road would have seen the price of FJ’s fuel top $5 to $6 a gal and stay there….
    Pilot has also signed a deal with Denny’s to operate all of the FJ’s restaurants…I believe that will be an improvement over what they offer up in the restaurants now. Also if it were not for Pilot just think of all of the employees that work for FJ that would loose their jobs.Something that our economy just does not need. For the most part, all travel plazas are the same…some good, some bad.Its not Pilots fault that truckers piss in the parking lot or throw their piss bottles on the ground.This happens everywhere. Not all but it is becoming a larger percetage of drivers are just dirty pigs.I dare any of you who only know how to complain about Pilot to go work there for just 1 week and see what it is really like to deal on a day to day basis with the crap that goes on at a truck stop…..we should be happy that there will still be 270 truck stops out on the road for all of us to use thanks to Pilot!

    • scott says:

      Pilot will still get rid of a lot of people. Good for the economy or not

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you know that the employees there clean your shower with the towel from they guy that was in there b4 you..And There toys for tots program is a scam..They you all the money the truckers donate and buy high priced toys from themselves..So instead of going to walmart and getting a whole truck load they get about 15 of there toys and somehow that costs them 2 or 3 grand..

      • Pilot Manager says:

        I have been with Pilot for almost 18 years and was the first store to actually do the toys program (we started it ourselves). However, after Pilot started the Truckers for Tots program and required that we spend the money “in store” to clear out our excess inventory of christmas toys, I have refused to participate in the program. I do feel that the program does help kids with christmas, but I feel that pilot is taking advantage of the situation by not allowing us to shop at walmart or do the shop with a cop program and other fine charities. Maybe some day they will realize that it should not be about helping themselves but helping others.

    • Cheryl says:

      Working at a Flying j during this transition of the Flying J – Pilot merger has definately been a very trying time. To all employees, the customers can definately be some nasty people! you have to ask yourself, how sad these people must really be! To bitch at young girls at a fuel desk about almost anything, is very sad. The merger is change and most people for some reason dont do well with it. The key is to educate out customers with each of the changes as they develope. And if it means letting a fuel driver know exactly what he needs to do, then so be it! No cashier or maintance staff should have to listen to a bullshitting driver, whom claims he can get a better deal down the road. If thats the case then go! Nobody is keeping you at any Pilot Flying J! Except maybe your BOSS! Yes everyone has a BOSS to work under! Including the truck driver! Good luck and I’m sure I will see you all as days go by!

  16. Lester says:

    I was at the Flying J in Jeffersonville, Ohio and seen a cashier one time have on a badge that said buy 3 packs of cigarettes and save a job. They actually get wrote up for not up selling. It took me forever to fuel cause there pumps are junk and management where all outside smoking with 1 cashier working inside. No wonder they went bankrupt. Maybe now Pilot will fix things for them and get off there employee’s backs.

  17. West says:

    I work at the Flying J in Fargo,ND. I have read all of the comments and can relate to most of them. Management is the main problem at this Flying J.None care about anything and that is the bottom line of the whole problem. They care about their jobs only and some have no back bone. We have some really lazy employees on the maintenance and cashier staff and management does nothing about it.This Flying J is 25 years old and is falling apart and they will put no money in repairs and upgrades.We are understaffed.We are just swamped with customers and work. We are behind on a lot of things and everything is our fault.Why is everything the fault of the employees? Management is worried about their jobs only.Management cares about nothing else.
    Believe me people,Pilot will not make things better.They will not straighten up the mess,but make it worse.members of the top manage4ment,from the comparative level on down,will loose their jobs,and it will be a lot of people.Pilot wants their own people in key positions to make sure things are done their way.We will be forced to accept their policies and rules.I have heard that we will not believe what they will be.

    I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

  18. gordon says:

    One of the ways pilot has been able to grow at the rate they have is by selling off the parking lots to other commercial holders. I remember when 1 of the smaller ones on I 10 @denhamsprings LA had a lot larger parking lot. Over 30 years of watching changes and most of them bad for the truckers, some day you will learn the power of your dollar. If you really wanted to save the larger parking facillities and get better food have your fuel department work out purchases with those vendors, be sure to tell them that you to are concerned with the future of your company as well as your quality of life. Point out the parking situation poor food choices, and the hazards of parking the company’s equipment in the smaller pilots. Bring up the loss of revenue for the company while the truck is being repaired from a hit as well as the fuel consumed by having to try to find another pilot that might have parking so you can eat and take care of personal hygene issues. When you take the time to really put a presentation together and clean up you can get alot done. Just blowing steam gets you ignored. I have had this talk with 3 different CEOs and have made changes it can be done.

  19. scott says:

    What the pilot takeover means is more upselling and twice as many intimidated workers in the short term. Pilot will do their best to get rid of as many people as possible. Good or bad

  20. Anonymous says:

    I worked for pilot for a few years and its a shitty place to work. They pay most the employees minimum wage even after 5 or 6 years but the managers take home over 1000 dollars a week.. They also trained us to clean the showers with the towel that was left in there from the previous driver….Gross..Fuck Pilot

    • Slyvester says:

      I agree whole heartily with your assessment of Pilot. I like to eat a large burrito and then take a monster dump at Pilot. Oh, and I “forget” to flush.

      Poor Tennessee. To think that A Haslam might be governor.
      That makes me want to eat two burritos.

  21. Anonymous says:

    One more thing from the former pilot employee..B4 you decide to shell out your hard earned cash on the toys for tots program you should know that pilot takes the money and buys high price toys from the pilot it was collected at.. One year I worked there I think we got about 3 grand and I shit you there wasnt even 20 toys for 3 grand…They could take it to walmart and fill up a damn truck.. So think hard b4 you spend your money on it or at least ask a pilot manager where they buy the toys

  22. joe andrews says:


  23. CRUDEMOVER says:

    All of the above bitchin and complaining, mostly justified,and nobody mentioned Love’s. I am 40 years into this profession and have rarely been in a Love’s that was’nt at least acceptable.Y’all have to decide for yourselves but I’ll spend my money at Love’s when I can, I just wish they had a few more in Louisiana.

  24. Joseph says:

    Well, I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. It looks like Pilot is letting Flying J keep all the great things about it and adding more to it. I prefer FJ over Pilot, more space and parking, better eats, and if what I’m reading is correct, they will keep all of that. Pilot will only merge a few things AND is promising updates to the lounges with plasma tv’s etc. If they do this, I’ll be a very happy camper. Now if they could just work on making Pilot a little more trucker friendly…

    • Anonymous Spouse says:

      Good luck on the keeping the good things. At the Flying J my spouse works at things are just going from good to really bad. If a cashier can’t get enough customers to buy the two for one specials or buy more cigs, they get their hours cut to five hours a week. The cleaining crew is give a set time per shower for cleaning, if it isn’t done in that time – mark it ready anyway. Managers (at least at this one) are being told to work 12 or more hours a day for the same money. I can’t afford to buy the upsells and it just burns that the nice girl behind the counter could lose her hours because I don’t want to buy two candy bars instead of one.

  25. The Flying J is really on the decline from what we are learning. Drivers and owner operators seem to prefer other truckstops due to other services provided such as load matching, faxing, and personal amenities.

  26. Debbie says:

    I have to agree that Pilot will get rid of employees ,cut hours or demean them in any way possible. I always worked in the resturant side, and you are pushed to sale, upsize, etc. even to the extent that customers begin to yell at you, because they get tired of the pressure of you trying to upsell them. especially if they have already been harrassed from the other side first. Being in management, a supervisor for years, you should not have to endure being cursed at with really foul language, especially by a manager 23 years younger. Oh yea, there is no such thing as an open door policy at pilot.Trust me, everyone knows your business from top management to the lowest employee. And divisional manager that don’t give a crap about their employees, only the big bucks they can get. So maybe Mr. Haslam needs to get into his stores more, and see how these employees are treated on a daily basis. No I would never work for a Pilot again, even if I hadn’t been brave enough to tell the truth about them! All the above employees are right.

  27. Debbie says:

    In reference to the other employees, what they say about Pilot is true. I worked for them for 9 years, 7 of them, as supervisor, and you are pressured to sell,sell and sell. Or lose hours, cursed at with words that I won’t even speak of. I worked on the resturant side, and even the tired truckers were pleasant, as to the management that demeaned you in front of crew and customers. They push to be the best at times, sells, etc. But the crews that are doing sells, times and running their tails off, get no recongnition, only the manager. Maybe if Mr. Haslam were to go in the stores more, he would see just how his employees are being treated. Makes you wonder if he cares. No, I have no love loss for Pilot!

  28. Bill says:

    Well, its finally happened. Pilot has screwed up the 1 of only 2 reasons I stopped at the hook. With the Frequent Fueler Card you could auto start the pump on the fuel lane and not have to go inside and stand in line to talk to the only clerk on duty.. and then do the same thing after fueling. You think the lines on the fuel island are long now.. just wait until everyone who tries to use their card at the pump see’s the new stick on note about the program being ended AND the message on the reader saying to go see cashier!!!

    Totally lost it last night and call the home office from the website just now (877) 787-3595..

    Talked to a Ashley to find out why the program was being discontinued. Apparently all the bad, loud mouth truckers who used the program and drove off with out paying has ended the program.

    Suggested that they do what Love’s does and require a credit card with same billing address as the card member application for just that very reason.

    And as usual, fell on deaf ears as the decision makers have NEVER waited on a fuel island or in a pay line in their lives so they have no idea what you mean.

    And they think the lines are long now, wait until everyone finds out their cards don’t work anymore.. Just in case you didn’t get the friendly letter sent in the mail last week..

    Oh yea, most of us don’t get home that often to see the mailbox!!!

    Well, I was down to 2 truck stops that allowed pump auto start.. Looks like my friends and I will be fueling across the street at Love’s Travel Centers..

    Good bye Pilot/Flying J… you really know how to treat the honest drivers out here by lumping us in with the bad apples… Good luck with that idea… You’re now on par with TA’s !!!!

  29. idahoram says:

    this would have been a great article if the person writeing it had left out the profanity. i would have sent it to every one i know but i will not pass it along because of the profanity.

    • Mr Mike says:

      I was going to forward it too until I got to the last part of the article! I’m not going to promote profanity!

      • admin says:

        OMG – the world will not go on if you don’t promote this article. Please, please, please reconsider. LOL, who gives a shit. Millions of people visit this website I don’t need your fucking approval.

  30. Bonny Cole says:

    Well, after reading all of these comments, good and bad,,,I can only hope and pray that Petro gets their money together and buys out all of them!!!!!!!!! We have yet to walk into a stinky, funky and dirty shower in Petro. Their Buffets are usually pretty good, when they r dirty or dried, we just tell them and they take care of it. Unlike the Flying J employees that don’t understand that flies carry germs and disease. Especially the ones at the North Platte, NE location!!!!

  31. tony rowland says:

    pilot messed up the Giant truckstop in New Mexico. fired eveybody there and hired a bunch of slobs off the welfare rolls. have yet to see a pilot worth stoping for.

    • Glen says:

      So the next time you se a Pilot sign, don’t stop. That truck stop in New Mexico was on it’s way down the tubes when Pilot took it over, so the fact that it is still there is a testament to their perserverance. Again we can find faults in all the travel centers around the country, but for some reason we still go there, why? If everyone out there really hates Pilot, then boycott them and stay out of their facilities. Even company drivers have a choice of where to stop and fuel, just find another stop in your directory and go there instead.

  32. Glen says:

    We should have seen it comming. Flying J tried to do everything on their own with the TCH card and not taking ComData. You can’t do things in this economy without including all customers. However, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I do think the changes are good. Pilot has done well in listening to drivers and giving them what they wanted. I always hear drivers complaining about this or that truck stop, but they still give them their business, so most of these complaints don’t have much merit. We’ll have to wait and see how things go in the future, ’cause only time will tell.

  33. Well Im glad I got out of trucking when I did, every time I look, somthing more go’s to hell, push out the O/O and the the small trucking co. now this, what do you expect. every one gets scared to shut down and show force, so now you all bend over and don’t say a mother fucking word. because it was the mass of truckers that never went on strike with me, that have made trucking what it is today. total bull shit! and now the world will pay because of it. Thanks alot truck’s Thanks for not taking a stand and letting the population suffer. You are our blood cells, with out you working together the world is doomed. You just supporter 2012. Fucking great! pussafied world we live in. Lock and lode, time to go kill the kid next door for a hot dog, and you all that know me know I need my Jumbo hot dogs. LMAO. ok steve I did my job here, keep on trucking brother and thanks for the story. Im going out to the bar now. woop woop.

  34. Kevin says:

    I worked at a Flying J for 15 years. In October we got a new General Manager (from Pilot). 1 week later he fired me. I know of 2 district managers who were fired in the months following the takeover by Pilot, one of whom had over 25 years with Flying J. Pilot said that the merger would open up new career opportunities. For existing Pilot employees, it is true. For Flying J employees, however, the new career opportunities will be somewhere else!

  35. pissed says:

    to pilot employees–after the merge i got laid off and got screwed out of 2 weeks of vacation time because pilot dont believe n giving their employees vacation time they have earned even if they get laid off! pilot dont give a flip about flyin j employees and if we all had 2 do it over most of us would have quit instead of staying and helping pilot out! i went through hell the last couple of months doing deli line cook waitress cashier and doing dishes when my job n the 1st place was just deli. i was so stressed and thank god im out of there now…i will never work 4 pilot again

  36. Kevin says:

    I am in California and California law requires acrued but unused vacation time to be paid when an employee is fired, laid off, quits, or leaves for any reason. That should be required everywhere. I got paid for 38 hours of unused vacation when I was fired.

  37. Yeah sure says:

    I work at a Flying J, have for over three and a half years. I’ve seen LOTS of cashiers (and managers) come and go. I have to say the management staff we have now–most of them from Pilot–are young and encouraging. Yes, we are now required to upsell, and if you don’t hit the sales goals you’re toast. But the guys we have in charge of our store now are energetic and lots of fun. I’ve been happier at work in the last six months than I have in a LONG time. I think you truckers will be able to see that reflected in our service and upbeat attitudes. :-) Don’t give up on us, its been tough for everyone involved.

  38. Mandy says:

    I have been employed by Flying J for two years and have continued employment with Pilot.I want to let you truckers know that if there were jobs out there everyone would walk from that shit hole.So don’t be so hard on the cashiers.They are just trying to feed there families.A cashiers hours are based on up sells.No up sells no job!The maintenance guys are ran raged.One on duty at a time.They can barely get away from the showers.And they are not being paid shit!A guy from corporate told me Pilot has less employees and wants everyone to be One and a half.They also say they pay for six holidays through the year.NOT Only if you work them do they pay time and a half.Flying J payed you for Christmas and thanksgiving regardless if you worked it or not.So if you ask me,Pilot is in it for your money.They do not give a damn about you truckers or there employees!

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