Police brutality against trucker

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Officer allegedly pistol whipped man during routine stop.

Imagine for a minute, you have a late night or early morning delivery to a customer who’s location is hard to find. Some how you end up on a dead end street, your costumer no where insight. you see a DOT officer great you think “he should be willing to help me out of this situation.” You decide to ask for directions,  instead of getting a friendly reply the officer request to see your log book.

The officer starts into your log book,  you watch as the clock ticks away. Stressed about not only being lost but the chance of failing to service your costumer on time looms over your head. In a desperate plea to get back on the road you state to the officer “I have a delivery to make, are you allowed to look at all my log pages not just my current day and the previous seven?”

Police brutality

Police brutality

You can see that questioning the officers upsets him he states “I could give you a ticket for being on this dead end street” Looking around seeing other trucks parked on the street as well as no signs that say no truck parking you ask “well why is that?” Instead of getting a response the officer pulls out his pistol and begins to pistol whip the shit out of you.  David Howard says that this is exactly what happen to him, read the full story here

I was once told by a good friend of mine who I personally know is a great officer of the law “that there is always two sides to a story and the truth is most often somewhere in the middle.” I would have to agree with that statement, some people get nervous by the sight of law enforcement even if they did nothing wrong, which would heighten any ones defensive/victim side. Making them instantly feel attacked regardless of the officers approach or situation.

For the record I’m not defending this officer of the law, I know that all professions are going to have assholes and this guy could be one of them. I would think that the difference between most professions and law enforcement is that doing the wrong thing as a officer has much steeper penalties then other professions. Such as, further damaging their public perception and the financial lose with being sued. I could see county, state, city law enforcement agencies getting rid of officers who are a liability to there department financially.

I have asked several of my friends who work in law enforcement “why are some cops such assholes?” Every one of them explained to me this four phase cycle that tends to happen in their profession or a slight variation of such.

police academy

police academy

  • They explained phase one “from the time they enter the academy they’re trained to take control of a situation.” Law enforcement is dangerous I could see why that is important, other wise you could get killed.
  • They explained phase two ” Commanding authority can evolve into knowing it all.”  Power like that has to be addicting, this phase two is why I couldn’t be a officer of the law. I would abuse my power (hookers, pulling over good looking chicks and banging any good looking women who likes a man in a uniform among other things.)
  • They explained phase three “no one can tell me what to do”  High on that ego juice and adrenaline I could see why this could grab a hold of a officer.
  • They explained phase four “the passing and blending phase. This is where a officer finally learns to control his approach to situations and use little authority or a lot of authority if need be. This is where a officer learns to handle the adrenaline rush and react to situations in a calmer fashion”. I have been told “that most officers make it through the phases but some never make it”

I guess that can be true with just about anyone living. I think it is safe to say that everyone to some extent is addicted to something. I feel that if this officer has a track record of these problems as stated in the article I would question if he is seeking counseling? If not why not? If he is and it is no help why is he still around? Have you ever been a victim of police brutality or would like to share your story of wrongfully being abused write to me below in the comments section.

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  1. jim says:

    yep i have been a victom and i feel 75 % abuse there athourity wicth ruin it for the other 25 % of officers that are only trying to do there job and serve and pertect.

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