Classic Game Room HD – BURNOUT PARADISE review Part 1

admin | January 27, 2011 | 25 Comments

WATCH IN HIGH DEFINITION. Classic Game Room reviews BURNOUT PARADISE for the Xbox 360, also available for the PS3. This review shows Burnout Paradise gameplay and footage of the massive crashes in Burnout. This game is a blast to play and should appeal to a wide range of gamers. It has cars that drive like cars (not sleds on ice), insane crashes, lots of roads and courses, challenges and jumps… basically it has something for everyone. Burnout Paradise is sold at a bargain price and packs full price value and fun! CGR loves this game and finds the challenges, driving and car collecting addictive and entertaining. It looks amazing in 1080i HD cruising around Paradise City which is a blend of New York City, Chicago, London and a number of other cities. Find hidden jumps, gates to crash through and shortcuts. Can’t find all the shortcuts? Well, keep driving and trying to wreck other cars. You’ll locate them all on the map eventually. The cars are modeled after real cars… loosely. You’ll find cars the resemble the Toyota Supra, Jaguar coupe, Ford GT40, Nissan Skyline, Cadillac and more. Published by EA, Burnout Paradise has a download for bikes. It is playable on XBLA and can also be downlaoded for PS3 and played there. Classic Game Room reviews Burnout Paradise in this, the self proclaimed best Burnout Paradise review on YouTube. Why is it the best? Why are hot dogs good? They just are. You can win achievement points and there is a list of all of them available in the
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  1. crazymiles says:


    All that is great, yes. But I can name 2 things about this game that make it damn near unplayable for me: 1. The DJ and 2. the soundtrack.

  2. Valkodu says:

    @lukabean123 Dude, what about the crashes? That’s like one of the best parts of the game! That, and the crashes, of course.

  3. lukabean123 says:

    What’s not to love in this game? Fast action, cinematic crashes, sweet rides, free world, crashes, fun multiplayer, crashes, crashes, did I happen to mention crashes?

  4. lukabean123 says:

    @lildude334 a man can dream, a man can dream…

  5. CataLoveMusic says:

    best game with cars

  6. AnonymoussourceL0L says:

    one thing that really bothers me about burnout paradise, is that there are endless gears in the cars. just keeps shifting and shifting and shifting.

  7. IanWilson2010 says:

    @EJRocky Sorry, I had a brain fart. :/

  8. adamyo24 says:

    this looks like motorstorm but in a city landscape

  9. EJRocky says:


    That’s what he was saying…

  10. IanWilson2010 says:

    @44Ryan77 I sure hope that’s sarcasm. 5 Bucks for a decent racing game is awesome.

  11. ANIMEman0519 says:

    if that car is the mach 5 then whoever is in the trunk is probably dead right now 4:42

  12. TheMrFunGuy says:

    @hallmonitor98 No way, Butnout Paradise is awesome.

  13. TheMrFunGuy says:

    @Pedroxpvista Yep!

  14. Pedroxpvista says:

    Free on EA :)

    Go and get it :)

  15. hallmonitor98 says:

    revenge was 100x better

  16. raipekass says:

    this game is currently a free giveaway

  17. MegaRBin says:

    View more of these video’s at
    games.arqon-server.c o m

  18. MynamedidntFitDonkey says:

    @doddi00 noone actually.

  19. 44Ryan77 says:

    This game is under rated. The full game on steam is 5 bucks. 5 BUCKS!! YOU CAN’T EVEN BUY A BIG MAC COMBO WITH THAT.

  20. doddi00 says:

    the only problem,WHO’S DRIVING THE CARS!!

  21. andrey91pireu says:

    hahha that guy crashed into a light pole :) ) 1:25

  22. papatoony says:

    What’s up with all the fog?? And why does everything but the car look so washed out in this game?

  23. YZpilot736 says:

    this is a tutorial not a review…

  24. MrPrajitura says:

    maaan the xbox graffix is WHACK!

  25. NITROLANCER1 says:

    @iXaier FU this is the best burnout what has been made

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