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LIFE-REGENERATOR * http * DONATE.life-regenerator.com * Raw Food Weight Loss, Juice Recipes for Healing, the Raw Food Diet and Vegetable Juicing! Get DAVE’S BarleyMax here! bit.ly VIDEO #13 of my weekly chats w/ myfriend Dave the Raw Food Trucker! For those new to this series, check out preceding videos here bit.ly & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!: My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer, type II diabetes & kidney disease, all via the consumption of raw foods. Not to mention his amazing weight loss of over 200 pounds over the last 18 months, and he’s not stopping there. He’s going to go ALL the way with his health, and wants YOU too as well. This guy is a TRUE SUPERHERO!! *****VIDEO #13 UPDATE***** Today we have Dave chatting with his buddy Jim, who has also become a Raw Food Trucker! Jim didn’t have much excess weight to lose nor any diseases to heal, so for him it has been more of an emotional journey…I hope you enjoy this awesome discussion I had with them! …and maybe I’ll just have to become a Raw Food Trucker someday too….! :D Oh, I must share here that we just added BarleyMax to the store, which is Dave’s favorite raw powdered juice he uses on the road when he isn’t able to juice fresh fruits & vegetables. This stuff will knock your socks off! Check it out here: bit.ly Love, Dan ❤ You Like?…Please Subscribe! bit
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Some more Info about this driver. The driver – who apparently works all over Europe and the UK – handed the recording to a TV station and You Tube after filming his antics for friends. As he cranks up the volume on a folk song, the trucker starts thrashing around the cab, waving both hands with barely a glance at the road ahead. Then he unfastens his seat belt so he can gyrate around the driver’s seat, before moving over to the passenger footwell to dance away from the control pedals and steering wheel. At one point, he even steers with his feet, showing off for the camera as he drives terrifying close to other trucks and cars. He says: “I was just bored, this wasn’t anything special. We all do this – we sing, while we’re driving.” Copies of the tape are now being viewed by traffic poilce officers throughout Europe as they try to track down the driver. He claims the performance was shot by his brother as they drove from Holland to Belgium. Others believe the dance might have been recorded in France. Romanian police want to interview the trucker after he appeared on a local You’ve Been Framed-style television show. “He doesn’t seem to be driving in Romania so what we can do is limited but we certainly want to talk to him,” said a senior officer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Magick9799 says:

    @Catherine8here go buy Dr Gabrel Cousens book : There is a cure for Diabetes. It has the program Dave followed in it. Plz read the whole book.

  2. durgaaa says:

    Enzymes do a Whole lot of things to your food and metabolism – NOT your bladder.

  3. fantamize says:

    Keep it up with your example. Very inspiring. :)

  4. solovief says:

    I just got an ice pick and made a new hole last week. Love you guys!!!

  5. rawzen42 says:

    @liferegenerator AWESOME THANKS FOR INFO!!!

  6. withoutnameorplace says:

    It should be known that dandelion leaves have a diuretic effect. It could be the reason he was peeing so often.

  7. VonLeachim says:

    asian markets –hmm–
    okra, hm -just had an idea for the crohns ….

    thanks guys ..

  8. Cstrife234 says:

    Dandelion also has a sugar called inulin which doesn’t screw with your insulin levels (for diabetics especially). The bitters…the tannins in the dandelion also help with your digestion. Tannins also kill bacteria in your mouth and throat. Powder it and add it to honey with some real black licorice to use as a natural cough syrup.

  9. Cstrife234 says:

    Wow…I was about to comment with my understanding of Dandelion, right before Dave started talking about them around 7:12…freaky wavelength man. Harvest those Dandelions! They’re not weeds! Dandelion has more iron than spinach, lots of vitamins and minerals. The white juice in the stem is not good to ingest, but its good for skin conditions. I make dandelion tea every year…I grind up the root, the leaves, and flower and let it steep in warm water. It’s a diuretic too.

  10. EffortlessVitality says:

    This video was my intro to your channel and it’s just WOAH. Raw food truckers? Awesome! So many good tips, and even moreso, I can just feel the love & excitement. Very inspiring and enlivening!
    There were 2 oh so quotable raw testimonials that I can see myself repeating:
    “Raw food makes your clothes fall off”
    “If you’re gunna go raw you better find stuff to do”.
    So true!

  11. jhlent says:


    So I found & have ordered the BarleyMax

    But I would like to know “WHICH” enzymes are you using…??

    Are you using any other type of supplements…??

    All of this is wonderful

  12. jhlent says:

    Thanks for staying on track when you give your info in these videos….
    You say MORE than others that just yack & yack about nonsense a whole lot of meaningless fluff

    You present us with a straight up testimony and great facts….
    You stay focused… THANKS

    Wish there was more like you around

    YOU are the one that has inspired more people than you will ever realize…

    There needs to be a Dave’s Channel

  13. jackinla8 says:

    Asian markets are the best for variety of produce and low prices.

  14. Pr3tty001806 says:

    can you suggest a website to get raw vegan enzymes?

  15. liferegenerator says:

    First go to the playlist of all of Dave’s vids-follow this link but first replace the ‘dot’ w/ a ‘.’ as I can’t put actual links into YouTube comments-

    Then scroll down to the 9th vid in the list & start watching from there so you can see exactly the kind of juice he would make for himself! Just keep in mind he would make enough juice for THREE days all at one time so he could easily juice on the road, but you should NOT do this, just do 1 day!

  16. Catherine8here says:

    @liferegenerator what juices was he drinking everyday and how can I start?

  17. liferegenerator says:

    Dave the Raw Food Trucker healed himself of Diabetes and that is the general context of this entire series of videos–the info section of this particular vid also brings light to this fact. Just click on the “more info” link to the right of the vid and you’ll get to that information…thanks!

  18. dream2last says:

    your heading is diabetese but no word about it in the video

  19. nunofyourblissness says:

    Great to hear this story and Dave has sparkels in his eyes from good health.

  20. LolaRawHeals says:

    Dan, Dave and Jim,
    You guys are beacons of light. As a genuine fan of Dan, I’ve been back-tracking some older videos to view. This one got by me (ironically, I believe when I was visiting Washington State).

    Your true and vibrant energy comes through the camera and blesses us. Thanks to you all for sharing the good news of your experience.

    Most grateful,

  21. cpierce58 says:

    I live in a Yoga community and the raw food diet makes doing yoga easier too. There is less around the middle to get in the way. One thing that I would like to share it be sure to keep your raw foods as aklaline as possible and you will be sailing with no disease. Disease cannot live in an aklaline body. If your blood is acid, the body pulls calcium out of the bones to alkalinize the blood.

  22. cpierce58 says:

    Aloha raw Truckdrivers This is so cool. I am 75% raw. It is life changing. I was wondering how you found my youtube. cpierce58

  23. lgarvey says:

    I am a lot happier sharing the roads with raw food truck drivers, then fast food laden, half-asleep-after-8-hour-shift truck drivers.

    Bring it on!

  24. WorkOnWellness says:

    hehe Get naked! Eat raw!

  25. liferegenerator says:

    Kombucha! Exact dictionary definition is: “a food supplement prepared from a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria that is added to tea for its alleged health benefits.” Also check Wikipedia for more info… Oh, and the BEST commercial brand (that has NO refined sugar, like the others ones do) can be found at synergydrinks(dot)com and is available at Whole Foods. Have fun with this, glad you are trying it out!

  26. BaiatMare5 says:

    Romanians are descendands of nomads including Gypsies, Goths, Dacians and Tatars. Throughout their history they have been monarchists, fascists, comunists and capitalists, though always spiritually corrupt. They are responsible for the killing of more than 100,000 Jews in Ro during WW2 under the leadership of PM Marshal Ion Antonescu, a Hitler’s ally. Currently Ro is a modernized form of a jungle where there is no rule of law. In 2010 Ro has been rated as the most corrupt country in Europe.

  27. fittslickartony says:

    awesome dude :D

  28. ziomalski100 says:

    this video i osem when i will be your age will be a crazy truck driver as well

  29. hiihadde says:


  30. R3spaWn89 says:

    even if he is dancind hes almost all the time with the eyes on the road …
    and these trucks almost drive themselves

  31. thebulldogkid26 says:

    Romania-Poland-Hungaryn—-Broathers for ever..I live in Arad-Romania nearly Bekescaba-Hungary…and i want to go in Poland:)but remember this BROTHERS FOR EVER

  32. catatintiri says:

    he´s cool

  33. thebulldogkid26 says:

    Romania the best drivers are here:)

  34. dzikus1703 says:

    zachowuje sie jak wiekszość kierowców ciężarówek hehe

  35. TheJohny1456 says:

    0:28 – 0:30 rozwla xd AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  36. mittaagangsta says:

    want a song like this? search REMOVE KEBAB and click the video with that name

  37. plsniper says:

    @saueer Brawo!!!

  38. plsniper says:

    robactwo zasrane…

  39. monika78america says:

    @Necko92 dont hate, idiot

  40. saueer says:

    apel do Polaków – nie komentujcie, że to zajebisty ziomek bo w ten sposób dajecie innym do myślenia jakimi kierowcami jesteście… To nie jest nic pozytywnego moim zdaniem. Jeśli koleś by skakał tak w fotelu przed TV we własnym domu to ok ale nie w kilkudziesięcio tonowej ciężarówce.

  41. Necko92 says:

    @monika78america you are idiot, they are having fun… you should get a life ! ПОЗДРАВ ЗА РУМУНИЈУ !

  42. cjpartyboy says:

    fucking gipcy..idiot..

  43. matiboss1 says:

    hahahaha zajebisty ziomek :D

  44. CzeHo24 says:

    Nie Trawie komentarzy typu “co za debil” lub “nie brać z niego przykładu”
    Fajna muza leci to chciał sobie zaszaleć w nudnej jeździe , sam czasami tak robię ; )Widać Wyraźnie że miał wszystko pod kontrolą ciągle patrzył na jezdnie ;)

  45. metelskiy says:


  46. radekk1281 says:

    @virus151617 dokładnie to jest MAN TGA XXL 410 albo 430

  47. hinesdeal82291 says:

    This guy has spent a little too much time on the road….and too much meth…

  48. Bub4o7 says:

    nieodpowiedzialny pojeb i tyle…

  49. imjohannes123 says:

    @mark135790 HAHA =)

  50. TomaHawck14 says:

    hah chyba za długo siedział za kierownicą :D

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