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admin | January 26, 2011 | 4 Comments

I’m now driving the big Semi Truck. today is my first day doing double clutching, It was very hard but when you figure it out and practice then you will do better. At 3:55 you may want to listen to my instructor about the test

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  1. sideslide23 says:

    @NadyaSulemanFamily pariently most Semi Truck are double clutches and it takes some practice to get used to it, If you cant do double clutches, Drive a City Bus, Drive a School Bus, or if you like traveling to places allot Drive a Greyhound bus, or motorcoach, most buses these days are Automatic.

  2. NadyaSulemanFamily says:

    I’m like getting a new car but I like need automatic transmission!

  3. sideslide23 says:

    @aguyinpostfalls this is Arizona thats why. but If I had to drive to Salt Lake City or Montana then thats when I have to deal with the snow.

  4. aguyinpostfalls says:

    Must be nice to drive on all those NON-ICY roads… lucky me though, I get my CDL in 5 days. Most of the roads here still have slush or ice on them.. There will be a moment when it all “clicks” and you will be double-clutching like a pro…

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