Extreme trucker – Alaska – Snow truck

admin | January 24, 2011 | 25 Comments

Extreme trucker – Alaska – Snow truck

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  1. schoolbus80 says:

    I’m getting this game for my birthday next month!! I played the free trial one and it was an awsome game!! Great VID!!:)

  2. DaNeShady90 says:

    @TheYeYaYo Are you gonna tell me how to play my own damn game? LIke seriously dude?!

  3. TheYeYaYo says:

    it’s not even fun when you drive like thath fast drive like more serously

  4. thecvt170 says:

    i have this game it is nice !!

  5. DaNeShady90 says:

    @Scotishboys No. I guess you’re just blind, lol.

  6. Scotishboys says:

    Is this a mod for the game? cause either im blind in the game but I don’t see it so if its mod please send it to me? xD

  7. Eagmr says:

    @DaNeShady90 haha nice one xD

  8. MrGurra97 says:

    @nothinsinkslikeadeer yees

  9. nothinsinkslikeadeer says:

    @the1chevyman its p c

  10. nothinsinkslikeadeer says:

    are they driving on a river there?

  11. TheFrankman37 says:

    what is the point of this game

  12. DaNeShady90 says:

    @TOMIHU101 Ria ria Hungaria :D

    Hogyan tudod hogy magyar vagyok? :)

  13. TOMIHU101 says:

    @DaNeShady90 Magyar FOR THE WIN LOL SZIA

  14. AchievementX360Nerds says:

    @DaNeShady90 actually many Canadians also speak french

  15. wamel03 says:

    @NewNumaNumaGuy ALSAKA!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. the1chevyman says:

    hey wat kinda game is this on wat system plz eamial me this looks like a cool game

  17. SkillzzzSkillzzz says:

    @DaNeShady90 no with games like BFBC2 never XD

  18. FuzzyHead007 says:

    You really want to play this boring game?! o___O

    By the way: Well there aren’t any legal sites, where you can donwload it for free.
    Can’t believe that people really want to spent money for that xDD

  19. Firefighters1000 says:

    Wie hei├čt diese boot links bei 4:31 ?

  20. snajper1201 says:

    the best

  21. MrTslice says:

    where did u get this game ?

  22. DaNeShady90 says:

    @SkillzzzSkillzzz Ahh c’mon, you know you want to play it ;)

  23. NewNumaNumaGuy says:

    Im not canadian russian dick bag and yes i can talk other languages dick head sa ot a kakka niggar

  24. NewNumaNumaGuy says:

    FUCK u dick bag

  25. DaNeShady90 says:

    @NewNumaNumaGuy Same shit.

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