How many ice road truckers actually go through the ice?

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Question by D: How many ice road truckers actually go through the ice?
also in concerned in the gross death tolls per annum and how many of the truckers who go through the ice last?

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Answer by Tundra Rob
It depends on which ice road you are mentioning to, but gross the number of fatalities on ice roads is very humble, in fact the probability of deceasing on an average road is proportionality much higher than on an ice road since ice road drivers are much more awake of the dangers and work to insure their personal safety.The world longest ice road is between Yellowknife, NWT and Echo Bay Mines, NWT. It has been in operation since 1973 and to date there have been only three fatalities, all three on construction crews, not one driver has ever deceased on that road

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  1. UCANTCME says:

    The safety record has been free of major blemishes since a trailer went through the ice five years ago. The only death of the past decade was a plow driver who had a heart attack after breaking through the ice in 2000..

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