How to create a “My Map” in Google Maps

admin | January 16, 2011 | 50 Comments

Go to Google Maps: | Google Maps Playlist | How to create personalized, annotated, customized maps using Google Maps.
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Two young men take a turn down the wrong street view.

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  1. MVJSTRIKES says:

    double click to finish drawing a rat

  2. aattuull says:

    Very cool.. and thank you..

  3. deoxy999 says:

    I didn’t know until I watched the google stories channel.

  4. melfabs says:

    very nice and informative video. thanks!

  5. MadisonD1964 says:

    I’m totally useless at stuff like this. How do you fix mistakes when you’re drawing your route? (my hands shake). And can you do more than one route on the same map?

  6. gavinjayanand says:

    Awesome video. What will you come up with next? Thanks Google!

  7. BenjaminXYang says:

    Why can’t I see the bubble @01:00 ? And it has been like this for a very long time, I could see the bubble and made the marks long time ago.(How to create a “My Map” in Google Maps)

  8. Transavia2009 says:


  9. Nachalnika says:

    could this be used in fsx ?

  10. anujpathania says:

    My google maps does not have placemark option at top-left like you do. What to do?

  11. liuton2005 says:

    Google is such a great public service. :)

  12. LsBaba says:

    A very helpful guide to getting started with Google My Maps. Thank you.

  13. crosales925 says:

    wow what a helpfull video! two thumbs up!

  14. Facethelight says:

    for kids you can ccreate a fake little map for kids playing guns, like a stratagy

  15. KBHfreak says:

    Like i didnt know??

  16. kirnkhan says:

    thank you

  17. thisisalexis says:

    It’s possible, but you’d have to use the Google Maps Api in order to add marks dinamically, until I know.

  18. jimaaaa says:

    Is there still the distance measurement tool? I can’t find it now…

  19. sketchybmxer says:

    if you make a custom map like this,can anyone tell me if its possible for visitors to my website to add there own markers?

  20. chohdhryji says:

    verey help full video thanks for making and sharing..

  21. KRUKnKUIPpwnSCULLY says:

    excellent video…lol i’ve probably walked this route millions of times

  22. HQMaster66 says:

    nice vid

  23. TheFlyingCookies says:

    Woah.. I dind’t even know you could do this =S

  24. Mezhona says:

    you know the one that made this.. is google? :P

  25. bharathganesh says:


  26. PipoDelPue says:

    xD esa mamada hahahaha

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  28. crazybubbles18 says:

    LOL this made my day!

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  31. freenvampower says:

    @theberlindoctor why does it have to be a mexican? r.r
    I’m not fighting I just want to know :/

  32. scaryeric123 says:

    @theberlindoctor Fuck you.

  33. jenniferandhermusic says:

    by 1.25 i had the volume turned right down and was hiding behind a pillow, ha

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  42. mybluebelly says:

    Why can`t i use street view on google earth? Do i really need google maps to?!

  43. PjSparkle08 says:

    if they were scared of technology, wouldnt they stay away from the computer??

  44. PjSparkle08 says:

    lol zoom out zoom out zoom out

  45. jonitaJakse says:

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  46. misteragenttentyfour says:

    @1:08 you can hear the door open

  47. king887858 says:

    eyyy I;M come aus deutschland und diese video ist dumm

  48. jaythefatty says:

    @facewrecker5 the dislikes are all from old people who are scared of technology. they stay awake at night thinking about robots.

  49. facewrecker5 says:

    how does something this funny get 509 dislikes?

  50. druii2 says:

    imagina how fun it would be if google comment on this video, haha

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