Is Swift Transportation Company A Good Company For Me??

admin | January 11, 2011 | 50 Comments

I just want to know a lil more about the trucking company Swift from other trucker out there.
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Some old clips of Trucking with my friend Gerald when he worked for SWIFT. I think we were 21 at the time.

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  1. cgspeeddemon1 says:

    @bartondustin99 no they wouldnt…..they wouldnt even be here cause they would’ve starved to death since the groccery stores’ selves would be empty! LOL

  2. eastcoastnj says:

    hey. what i look for is paid training by company, how much they pay for mile, maybe some bonus for beginners? i hear swift pay .25 per mile, which is about $300 for one week of driving, $1200 a month. three weeks on the road, three days home,other comp.have only 36 hours off.not much money,but i dont think other companies will pay much more if not about the same amount of money. cr england has training but its 3K,you borrow money and pay it of
    + 18%.thanks for bringing up the subject.peace

  3. 1966omc says:

    STAY AWAY FROM SWIFT!! unless you don’t have any other choice! They treat there drivers like shit, there training is a joke, you don’t even drive on the road in training, all you do is drive around in circles in a parking lot and when you get assigned a trainer in you home state you will probably get some retard who has been driving for a year or less!

  4. cammay327 says:

    hey just wondering what company u chose.. i am due 2 leave dec 7 2010.. to start my training with swift..i have scrolled the internet.. heard alot of bad things about swift..i know all the companies say this say that.. just want 2 get with a alright company 2 get some trucking under my heels…please all respond cuz my time is ticking tick tock…

  5. california342 says:

    Swift lol

  6. Pnutt5100 says:

    Stay away from swift they fuck u out of every penny they can!!!

  7. meadowlarkable says:

    Ive been trucking since 1992, have lots of experience with haz-may and twic. My advice is that Swift is one of the WORST companies ever !!! You will get screwed by them in a thousand ways.

  8. shaithis50 says:

    @danthehitman741 yep roughly about 2+ w/ Swift governed at 60 mph ’02-’04. I’ve been out of the driving game since 2004 anyway. Still have my CDL, have more stable work and I’m home every night. CDL is just a backup if I really ever need to tap that, however I have built up other skills. Blackbox would seem to be a new one. I always thought weigh stns. just logged you in at one part of the state and tracked you that way. Stay safe as well d741.

  9. danthehitman741 says:

    @shaithis50 Ouch 60? their is no reason to run trucks that slow 65 (Ehh) i wouldnt like it but i would do it.. The truck im currently driving isnt governed but it does have a little babysitting device “BLACKBOX” that will report you for speeding…it safe and truck on…

  10. shaithis50 says:

    @trysegai I wouldn’t even take on a loan for training. New people looking to get their CDL through Swift have to realize back in 2002, it was $1,250.00 cash up front to go through an independent school and that was in northern NV. Paying 3x the amount I paid translates into getting ripped off as you are not making much starting in the industry with the bigger general frieght outfits. Find the cheapest training available and attend class everyday.

  11. shaithis50 says:

    @danthehitman741 try being governed at 60 mph for two years. Too slow and not making any money. Also if you are doing general frieght, your paycheck is not guaranteed any set amount and I think where you start getting screwed are on all the short hauls you are given as that eats up your time vs. always getting longer runs. Traffic is a negative factor with governed trucks because you can’t make up those miles governed and you can’t pass as easy when you need to.

  12. shaithis50 says:

    @darealist1314 I never liked how their computer planning system was always trying to get me home when I wanted to stay out east way longer before going west like for the entire winter. Made it a policy to always keep away from Sparks, NV which was my home term. and far away from Donner Pass. Tried to keep east of the rockies in the winter time.

  13. maplemanz says:


  14. danthehitman741 says:

    I thought about working for them awhile back but their trucks are too slow for me…i would get restless behind the wheel..

  15. darealist1314 says:

    I liked working for Swift, but they were horrible with getting me home. This is when they used Memphis as a hub! MEMPHIS WAS FULL OF LIES!

  16. shaithis50 says:

    @BM95ss you need to think if it more as a business relationship and if Swift is worth doing business with as a company driver. The complaints are out there to make you think twice. I wouldn’t rely on Big Cat for info as he seems to be promoting the company big time judging by some of his other vids. Big Cat seems to be glamorizing Swift making it look way better than it really is. I’ve worked for them and know 1st hand how they operated. Be warned.

  17. shaithis50 says:

    @inkfreekk LOL, I had to backtrack 3 months of expenses when I wondered why I was getting full checks. They missed major expenses on every other trip. That is a gross error on the company and something I didn’t tolerate because I had enough issues crossing into Canada and managing that paperwork. If Swift is still prone to making gross mistakes not having your back while you are in the field, then don’t work for them.

  18. shaithis50 says:

    @trysegai don’t go to Swift period. If they are still paying zip code to zip code/movers guide for miles, you are already getting screwed. It’s 2010 already and there is more accurate software that can tell you exactly how far it is from point A to point B.

  19. trysegai says:

    that’s funny cause when I drove for them, I drove flatbed division, they had a truck waiting for me when I got my solo tests done. I guess it just depends on what terminal ur out of. But I do agree the pay blows, for the first 3 months or so I only made about 300 a week, after that the pay got better and better. When I turned in my truck I was makin nearly 1000 per week. I had to leave to save my marriage, being gone a month at a time is hard on a marriage

  20. trysegai says:

    @bjsh55 dont go throught thier school for training, if u can go to a private school and pay for it with a personal loan. if u go through the swift school u have to work for them till ur loan is payed off, basically they got u by the balls. I went to a private school and drove for the swift flatbed division for almost a year till i found a local job so i could be home with my wife and 6 mos old son, truckin is very hard on a family

  21. emam97 says:

    @Armysniper360 yeah, per diem is really fucked up, they take more out than putting in.

  22. qball090872 says:

    swift=see what i fucked up today

  23. bjsh55 says:

    can you plz reply if you went to there school for training? and how much do you make starting out per week/biweekly?

  24. BM95ss says:

    hey man im getting ready to go to swift myself, i already have my cdl lic, im a newbee, i drive a stright truck now, and im ready to go otr and get some more exp, and swift is the only company that will hire me right now with my driving record, so im going to go for it, i just wanted to know what you thought ab it? thanks man for your video hope to hear back from you

  25. inkfreekk says:

    swift sux man. i went through the school, waited and waited and waited on a truck (which they lied about said they would have one for me the week after i got outta school, and ended up waiting a month on one, with no pay by the way) drove for them and they always had an excuse about y they fucked my paycheck up…. well u didnt trun in ur lumper recept *which i did and had copies of* and still never got paied for it…. just stupid shit… so i parked their truck in my home town when i was

  26. bigredi444 says:

    @trokeroelinquieto You got that right, I own my own truck and they are not cheap to fix, especially mine because its all heavy spec so its 4 times more expensive than your everyday run of the mill peterbilt or kenworth etc…

  27. trokeroelinquieto says:

    @bullhaulin08 until someone owns a truck youll know what it cost to have equipment and like u say he should of got fired, if u tear it up you park it till fix it no pay check you spend it to get another, you sound like you know what a truck is

  28. Trailerrigger says:

    i thought the swift way was the wrong way dude work for a company that isnt known for crappy drivers. And stop flooring it in the dirt lot it just helps prove drivers including me swift drivers are a hazard to all the other drivers on the road

  29. Trailerrigger says:

    i thought the swift way was the wrong way dude work for a company that isnt known for crappy drivers

  30. studpuppy69 says:

    @raykeens Nothing productive to say? I’ve never driven for SWIFT but all these negative comments get old fast.

  31. raykeens says:

    hmmmm thats odd, stacks arent bent or the mirrors. Fenders and bumper arent caved in. Thats typical for Swift drivers. You must not drive this truck much

  32. bigredi444 says:

    @sheleenc hahaha

  33. sheleenc says:

    should have taken the valet parking @ 2:28 LOL

  34. bihRATNIK1 says:

    i work in swift 4 years now out of syracuse terminal,im home everyday and weekends off. i bring every week $1000 after tax.i dont have to worry about anything other then drive fuel and breakdowns are covered by i dont know what some of u think but im happy and im planing to stay,u have all benefits health ins,401k,life ins and more,so dont listen what other drivers are saying …

  35. maplemanz says:

    See,What,I,Fucked, Up Today!!!!! SWIFT!! oh yeah the music is fucked up too!!

  36. maplemanz says:

    See,What,I,Fucked, Up Today!!!!!

  37. bigredi444 says:

    @bullhaulin08 He left because he got a job working for a private trucking company making tons more money. Swift was a good “stepping stone” as he put it.

  38. bullhaulin08 says:

    The way this guy in the video is treating this truck I bet he got fired . If he had to drive that truck after he got through tearing it up he would have probly respected it more. I just hope hes not driving a truck at all. I worked for Swift and I really miss it. Always a steady paycheck and not a bad paycheck at that if ya got out and worked.

  39. warrior350yam says:

    @inkfreekk lol you do understand the trucks have governors that are usually set at 63 mph right? so there’s no way your gonna do 70 mph. but do you really want them going that fast? pulling up to 80,000 pound when the breaks fail isn’t good….

  40. shaithis50 says:

    @Conraildan I would even be targeting Swift personally. Find a local company that will treat you right. The bigger companies will eat you up and if you are fresh out of trucking school and go with Swift, don’t expect a steady paycheck. Good luck.

  41. shaithis50 says:

    @skaterboyfreddie you will never know what real power is like until you turn those governors all the way up where they are suppose to be. Kind of defeats the purpose of climbing hills efficiently when you are governed like that.

  42. shaithis50 says:

    @bigredi444 if I might weigh in on the coversation, it is obvious you both were never governed at 60 mph for 2+ years. Yes Swift does suck in more ways than one. Driver retainment obviously hasn’t been their target for quite some time.

  43. shaithis50 says:

    @swift99354 I’m very familiar with that DC as well. More than likely you headed back to Jersey after picking up a load there. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve pulled out of there.

  44. bigredi444 says:

    @swift99354 Yup you would be correct! lol and thanks!

  45. swift99354 says:

    The Place you were at in the beginning of the video is definetly familiar to me, Sears DC in Wilkes Barre, PA! I pick up ther alot, good video ATK!

  46. Conraildan says:

    hello, how much does Swift pay its drivers per mile right out of truck driving school??

  47. bigredi444 says:

    @inkfreekk lol perhaps, but ya know what, a lot of ppl just use them as a stepping stone to get into a company they prefer. I never worked for Swift, but was hired by them and turned it down.

  48. inkfreekk says:

    trucking swift style means you should b backing into something, parked at a truck stop, or driving eight miles under the speed limit right? lol swift sux

  49. rafaeltico1 says:

    10 speeds

  50. skaterboyfreddie says:

    @dannyW900 all newer ones been 9 speeds eaton fuller

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