Philippines History (Yoyoy Villame – Magellan Lyrics)

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History Project Song: Yoyoy Villame – Magellan Lyrics: On March Sixteen Fifteen Hundred Twenty One When Philippines was discovered by Magellan They were sailing day and night Across the big ocean Until they saw a small Limasawa island. Magellan landed in Limasawa at noon The people met him very welcome on the shore They did not understand The speaking they have done Because Kastila gid at Waray-Waray man When Magellan landed in Cebu City Rajah Humabon met him they were very happy All people were baptized And built the church of Christ And that’s the beginning of our Catholic life When Magellen visited in Mactan To Christianize them everyone But Lapu-Lapu met him on the shore And drive Magellan to go back home Then Magellan got so mad Ordered his men to camouflage “Mactan Island we could not grab Cause Lapu-Lapu is very hard” Then the battle began at dawn Bolos and spears versus guns and cannons When Magellan was hit on his neck He stumble down and cried and cried “Oh mother, mother, I am sick Call the doctor very quick Doctor, Doctor shall I die Tell my Mama do not cry Tell my Mama do not cry Tell my Mama do not cry” Resources: taclobanon

Magellan’s Voyage 1519
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  1. ihatedahaterz says:

    i love to watch this video coz its historical at the same time…

  2. werewolf1666 says:

    magellan has a wrong place to stay cause lapu lapu wants to protect their land

  3. analyn274 says:

    Historic Song….LoVe it

  4. analyn274 says:

    very historical songs….

  5. imadebreakfast123 says:

    magellan was hit in the leg

  6. ralphxmichelle1023 says:

    @1:30 very funny! LOL haha .xD

  7. ralphxmichelle1023 says:

    1:30 very LOL haha .xD

  8. dimitboris says:

    hahahahah magellan is a glupyĭ chelovek (stupid man)

  9. dandelbert09 says:

    @Wrekognyze52 hahahaha tama

  10. Wrekognyze52 says:

    @dandelbert09 ninuno nila si magellan =)

  11. dandelbert09 says:

    ang dalawang tao nanag dislike ay portugal

  12. cutejapogi says:

    they shouldusing it in school… yeah?

  13. ex3mhack3r says:

    yawa mo !

  14. sheloshim says:

    it reminds me my filipino friends… thanks for posting!

  15. graceygrace19 says:

    cute :P

  16. karlaboo21 says:

    this song helped me a lot in my projects. haha. i love this sonnngg(:

  17. jejebuster32 says:

    wakakakakakka kamukha ni anthony ung kumanta nito

  18. TheLeoneFamily says:

    Hahaha! Cute po hehehehe!

  19. TimelessIsland says:

    nice voice

  20. oOoPlayCeeoOo says:


  21. htownpinoy2k2 says:

    great song. RIP yoyoy

  22. purplemint11 says:

    @Aiwa161 Aira ikaw ba yan??

  23. LagunaPhilippines says:

    Thanks po sa Info

  24. Aiwa161 says:

    Maraming mali sa information


    -magellan was not hit on his neck but on his lap
    -magellan don’t even cried when he was hit on his lap

  25. LagunaPhilippines says:

    @lasparanoias WOW!!! Updated…

  26. emmthreejonny says:

    @b4spain – I guess you would rather live on the savage tribal world? Magellan and his men never raped, looted or pillaged. His purpose was not even near colonizing. He was an explorer, he introduced Christianity here in Cebu that little Santo Ninos and crosses in our homes! Baptized the rajah and his wife and was also called to baptize Lapu-Lapu the island troublemaker hopefully to change his attitude. He had 150 men and 3 ships but went with only 1 ship 60 men. Hardly an invasion force!

  27. emmthreejonny says:

    I am a Filipino and from Cebu a few kilometers from the island where Magellan died but I admire this great man for his intelligence and piousness. It is so sad and for me, disgusting that our country treats the savage warlord Lapu-Lapu the “hero” instead.

  28. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    …(João Serrão was another navigator) I mean Estevão Gomes (Estevam Gomes) to North America (USA).

  29. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    Was not only Magalhães, more 36 Oficials, Pilots, Navigatores and Cosmogrophers were with him(under Magellan leaderhip) to serve Carlos V on this voyage (and passed from Portugal). Rui Faleiro, Barbosa, Carvalho, João Serrão (Serrão will made even voyages to North America later, today USA at the service of Spain) and others.
    Around 36 Portuguese or more men in this voyage.

  30. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    that permission was given, – Than, as the Portuguese were saw as rivals and sometimes as spies in Castile, he reported what happened publicly in the court of Charles V and demonstrated the loyalty of their project.

  31. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    Whats happen was that Magellan with problems and discentions with his King and Adm. and with a dream and a project(and based on maps he see in Lisbon – at least he says that) ask permission in Audiance(Document by João de Barros and many other Cronists) to King Manuel to serve another King if he do not want support more him (voyage and enterprizes to Indies, law disputes about prizes in Morocco he was involved on)

  32. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    Blogs copied and keeping coping other blogs, repeating phrases, does not make anything true. There was not any document of publish renounced his citizenship. And there was no ID or BI those times, It was another concept of citizenship (Italian republis as exemple) Nationality(concept already existed yes) subjection, natural rights or natural birth.

    Things have been otherwise – and are in the chronicles.

  33. SantaRoma says:

    @SantaRoma A quick google search of ‘Magellan renunciation of citizenship’ will show this, along with any serious works on Magellan’s history.

  34. SantaRoma says:

    @Luso515PorTuoGraal In ‘that time’ people Did renounce their nationality, as Magellan and Columbus did.

  35. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    I mean Columbus`s brothers( as Bartolomew), not the sons(correction).

  36. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    @SantaRoma But of course this expedition was Castilian-Spanish, of course – and Elcano and some of men survived and complete the circum-navigation. Others also returned to Europe(from Trinidad ship) in Portuguese ships.

  37. Luso515PorTuoGraal says:

    @SantaRoma In that time nobody renounced to nationality. Naturality was always the same and follow the Navigator. The People could eventually became subjects or servers of other states or kings – or receave charts of rights of naturality (as subjects) of the countries adopted as some of Columbus`s sons did. Altough not in the case of Magellan as we know. He serve Carlos V. By the way he was in Malacca and in Indonesian Archipelago (twice) at the service of his nation in 1509 and 1512 AD.

  38. SantaRoma says:

    @PedroBalzaretti Fernão de Magalhães was his Portuguese name, and although I would not argue the greatness of his exploits under the Portuguese, when circumnavigation the globe he had renounced his Portuguese birth and taken Spanish nationality, making him a great Spanish navigator for that exploit.

  39. vasololgr says:

    the right paint is wrongo australia is north

  40. avq5 says:

    maggelin was a great spanish hero when he helped the colonysfight th indians and
    saved americans there

  41. thomaskaufi says:

    ive learned in school that the victoria on the way back with the spice crossed the red sea north of africa, not south and around like in the beginning…?

  42. hispanicuscorpus says:

    yeah we hispanic got out portuguese cousing every where we go,

  43. alfmaumau says:


  44. alsatian73 says:

    the strong survive, get over it….would you like some cheese with your wine?

  45. alsatian73 says:

    this is true..

  46. amilparano says:

    magellan died in mactan by lapu lapu…

  47. b4spain says:

    after being showed hospitality by natives, they nearly died of hunger n thrist, they still tricked natives, rape women n loot gold at point of gun. thats why there is battle. took advantage of natives and oppressed, loot country, tax ppl work, oppose development of trade n knowledge-for 300yrs. all countries touched by old spain is in poverty even today. they race to europe w hoard golds n precious stones. do they hav decency to return it? or at least a public apology. ppl curse u here even 2day

  48. PedroBalzaretti says:

    The name was Fernando de Magalhães. Magallanes is a spanish name and Magalhães was a great portuguese navigator!

  49. sigreento says:

    it was march 16 1521 when he docked at the Philippines Island not April.

  50. tinapie23 says:

    that’s his spanish name, he is ferdinand magellan in english

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