Q&A: Will doing a burnout damage anything on my truck?

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Question by J.R.: Will doing a burnout damage anything on my truck?
So I have a 99 chevy silverado 2500, its got a 6″ lift with a 3″ body and 35 inch tires. I was wondering if doing a burn out or maby some doughnuts would seriously damage anything, like the transmission or something like that.

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Answer by rissasmom
THE TIRES CAN GET FLAT SPOTS. UGH. That sucks when it happens!

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  1. ja man says:

    Not as much as it will the tires or if you hit something

  2. fido e says:

    try it and see

    if anything breaks, you’ll have to fix it

  3. bob bryar's mini-me says:

    the tires and the fuel prolly the engine heat if u do it too long

  4. koma says:

    wear out those expensive tires

  5. star_skater_nine says:


  6. blueeyedbaby41 says:

    besides the tires,the tranny,driveshaft you could really f**k up your truck.but it is fun

  7. Mike S says:

    Your going to loose some rubber, and run down the brake pads a tiny bit but nothing major. Here’s a tip- pour bleach on the tires then do a burnout, there will be twice as much smoke…

  8. bundygil says:

    A couple of times won’t hurt it much, but on a regular basis it’ll stress your differential, transmission, and clutch. Something will break.

  9. Mike K says:

    It WILL seriously wear on your rear and tranny….

    Something that size isn’t made to do that.

    Bigger truck, bigger tires, takes more to turn everything…

    If you want your truck to last….I wouldn’t be doing that.

  10. GCB-TO says:

    The tires for sure, and parts of your drive train might never be the same after that. I think it would be foolish to abuse a nice truck in that way.

    Even race car owners hate to see their drivers doin’ stuff like that, though they put up with it for the sake of the fans. It is such a waste of money.

  11. schr91 says:

    Seriously damage, possibly not, however its not a great idea to abuse anything on a truck. Such erratic driving can damage your truck, and isn’t good for your engine, considering it could possibly cause unwanted wear and tear due to unneeded excessive RPMs. Although it may not damage something, is it worth the risk? I would suggest against it.

  12. Atheist! says:

    Probably the wheels and if any of the rubber comes off the tires hot or hard it’ll either melt onto the truck or scuff it up pretty badly.

  13. Oldmansea says:

    If you have lots of money, I wouldn’t worry too much…otherwise you are in danger of over reving your engine…and seezing it up….burning out your transmission…and …the cheapest but best of all….your tires cost at least $ 100 dollars each…so if you have many vehicles to drive, keep doing it its fun, otherwise stop and stop now.

  14. Larry C says:

    You will be putting stress on the engine, transmission and all parts right back to the tyres.
    OK if you don’t plan to keep that truck

  15. Derail says:

    Well, yeah. All that stress ruins drive trains, i.e. rear axle, drive shaft U-joints, tranny (more so if automatic). The more you take care of mechanical things, the more they’ll take care of you.

  16. tommy says:

    i dont have to pay for it,BURN EM

  17. QuinteMohawk says:

    Hmmm , good for your tires and the environment?….dont think so!! :(

  18. honker says:

    Duh, but its FUN !

    I do it all the time with my 99 silverado.

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