Trucker Steve -Raising Hell In Rite Aid – With Ryan Smith

admin | January 20, 2011 | 50 Comments

Follow me across the country with updates so maybe we can meet up! Also some crazy ass photos from the road. Rate,comment,subscribe Hell if you like this or any of my other videos please share with your friends. Swift Driver And Super Trucker Ryan Smith is back at it again. I warn you this guy is a real idiot. please visit my website for more videos TAGS comedy retarded trucker loud mouth prank stupid in public truckersteve whitelinefilms

A short story about part of the sacrifices truck drivers make to insure others are taken care of. Some understand and appreciate it (like the mad greek in baker ca) some others don’t, Perhaps they will after watching this video My links: http Sean’s Links: Production notes Camera: Flip Ultra HD Edited: Sony Vegas pro 9.0 Colored: Sony Vegas pro 9.0 Shot hand held, no mounts, no score Rendered at: Audio: 192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WMA Video: 30 fps, 1280×720 Progressive, WMV, 6 Mbps Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

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  1. wheelman1985 says:

    Hahaha dude no way an employee was able to talk to you like that I know they’d fire me for sayin shit other than “do you have your wellness plus card today?” great video even tho somebody like me has to go “recover” all that shit you knocked over

  2. Newfieguy89 says:

    Ok this just came up on my recomended to watch list…god I have not seen this in a couple yrs now…I forgot how funny this shit was. You lazy bastard….BAM BAM….ruff rider!!

  3. YourRulerSkeletos says:

    I love this guy.

  4. 379peterbilt530 says:

    my dad used to deliver to rite aid

  5. ModeraterX says:

    @Whitelinefilms Lmfao.. I love you.

  6. Hollywood2NY says:

    This Funny As Funny Can Get,LMAO

  7. prv86 says:

    ruff ryder :) ))

  8. andrzejtrucker says:

    that’s what I call funny stuff!!!!!!

  9. deerej80 says:

    Kick ass video, Steve

  10. TheDavidpayne says:

    lol very funny i want more!! keep on trucking

  11. jdawgsworld says:

    omg…you one sick dude…lol

  12. sfordgg says:


  13. sfordgg says:


  14. girlcybill says:

    This is too damn funny

  15. SaGiTaUrlaN says:

    Forget the toothbrush..Don’t need it! Toothpaste? Dont need it! Deodorant… don’t see a point in it….LMAO

  16. girlcybill says:

    lmao you r to funny cool video

  17. PuppieMan says:

    Nice Vid =D

  18. placham says:


    “preparation H, I’m a ruff rider” LOL

  19. wnaburgencesante says:

    You sound like G.W. Bush with that dialect.. Funkie Ass, eh ?

  20. trucker2b says:

    yoooo steve that is funny as hell lol btw yea u spoes to smell to get the women our four father’s did so y cant we,[smell my pits get to kno who i am smell me i bet u wont forget me] lmao

  21. mudvainjeep says:

    haha, i love this guy

  22. thebigrigtrucker says:

    hey steve whats up man hey i was wondering i know you havent posted a vid in a while idk if its because ur running out of ideas for vids or u just dont feel like making one but i was wondering if ur next video could be about the pre/post trip inspection. thanks man… P.S.–long time subscriber, very long time viewer and im going to post this on EVERY SINGLE one of ur videos ur bound to see at least one…

  23. smenh1 says:

    Driver this is funny to Ha HA HA keep it up

  24. truckerparrot says:

    Dude I amso gonna gt inotrouble fr playing some these videos in class. F*ck em. The sanitary side is what I am supposed to give them about truckin. I show them they can have fun out there.

  25. 2360amanda2360 says:

    10-4 :)

  26. bncnc says:

    I once seen a billboard that had a baby on a blanket in the picture with a caption that read “This is about the only thing that wasn’t brought by a truck” awesome!

  27. NytrixOctane says:

    good job guys thanks for the sacrfices you put your necks out for on a daily basis.

  28. bbarrett910 says:

    if trucks stopped the world would stop!

  29. BigTexTruckerShow says:

    Hey! Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives did a review on Mad Greek! Will need to stop by there when I get out on the road…

  30. keystrucker says:

    sorry bout ur a/c bro.. :(

  31. vze1k48m says:

    u smell like shit.

  32. seansuth says:

    Phuck, that was some fun times!

  33. ibasspro says:

    trick for when ac goes out. buy some ice & stick it in a sock. pop out your vents, most just pull out, some take a little wiggle work. hang icy sock, & go for it. It aint 100%, but beats 2/55 ac (2 windows down at 55)

    Baker, home of the largest thermometer in the world, the giros (I forget how 2 spell it) are perty goot, get the lamb ones. right now I am in Mesquite, NV, & will pass baker 2marrow. BTW the $4.99 steak at the virgin river here is worth every penny (3.99 saus,bacon, hash & egg too

  34. Whitelinefilms says:

    @novakane87 Yeah it is a 450 isx cummins

  35. novakane87 says:

    was that a cummins?

  36. Whitelinefilms says:

    @jokerorpoker2006 Easiest way to reach me is on twitter!

  37. jokerorpoker2006 says:

    Hey how can someone get a hold of Trucker Steve….got me some questions to ask him about trucking. thanks and keep the wheels rolling…..

  38. 5150ramjet says:


  39. burkey426 says:

    so true, keep on trucking brother

  40. kelsogray says:

    If you got it a trucker brought it love it. Greek food is the bomb.

  41. TyrandTV says:

    how did u get your words to sync with the person during editing in vegas withe the flip

  42. MrSpeedracer1982 says:

    Yup with ya on the “if ya got it a trucker brought it”!

  43. footballfreak78 says:

    5 stars for seans propeller

  44. Newfieguy89 says:

    Hell ya…if you got it…a trucker brought it. Now in Steve’s case…most times it’s broken when it gets there..haha just kidding bro!! I HATE greek food…nasty as hell man!! YUCK!!

  45. FatherJudgement2 says:

    Love Gyros…loaded with Feta cheese

  46. InsaneMusicJunkie25 says:

    steve is built for the road

  47. novakane87 says:

    Dont ever go with a 10spd. If you pull any kind of mountain, I dont care if it’s Smokies or Rockies, you’re gonna get killed with a 10spd. There’s no mediocre gear. 13spd and 18 spd all the way. If you drive in the city with an 18, just skip gears…easy

  48. beboppinbigun1 says:

    I have heard of this place can’t wait too go there,

  49. rayconocon says:

    They do have good food I eat there about 2 days ago

  50. bull24471 says:

    If I get out that way going to have to stop and try it out Bro…

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