1964 impala frame wrap hydraulics lowrider

admin | February 18, 2011 | 25 Comments

1964 Chevy Impala frame wrap hydraulics lowrider in action set for serious hopping. www.BigCity212.com internetcrackdealer.com Completely boxed in with 1/4 inch steel, smoothed out and molded, hand made control arms all around, telescopic cylinders & wishboned .

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  1. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    hopefully finishing it this summer, body is on, setup is on, gotta change quarter panel, line everything up, body work and paint.

  2. haterfromkalihi says:

    is it done yet?

  3. OFDatTX says:

    did this 64 ever get finish?

  4. Lowrider6494 says:


  5. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    @doubletapm4 those are from prohopper(dot)com you can also get them from blackmagichydraulics(dot)com

  6. doubletapm4 says:

    @LunaticsLowriderClub where did u get them? i looked and all i can find is like 2 stage ones for big rigs and dump truks lol

  7. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    @doubletapm4 YES sir!

  8. doubletapm4 says:

    are the rear cylinders telescoping? i noticed that they have ALOT of travel and didnt look to long before you lifted it

  9. chrisloves1963impala says:

    @sandiegocalifas619 hey homie hit up molded suspension in the city of palmdale ca..he is the cheapest around…for a full show setup meaning powder coated frame thats molded chrome suspension full show motor and tranny for $12k..just a frame wrap is about $1500.00

  10. chrisloves1963impala says:

    @sandiegocalifas619 if your lookin for a frame wrap hit up MOLDED SUSPENSION in palmdale ca…he is the cheapest…..he can do a full on show setup im talking all chrome suspension, molded frame ,engine ,trannybuilt for show under 12k..ofcourse just a frame wrap is about $1500.00

  11. lowlowfoshow2005 says:

    @jeepers2655 they did it to give the car performance in corners at high speed-that is why a 59-64 impala can drop into a 3wheel standing still(with enough weight in back) basically the center of gravity is closer to the front of the car, thus making the suspension geometry perform better.

  12. jeepers2655 says:

    never knew y chevy went to the x frame in 58…..easier to destroy the car in side impact!!!……then large frame in 65…….anyone have a clue?

  13. dod4life says:

    um i live in houston texas city of drank :D

  14. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    @dod4life depends on where you are located at….

  15. dod4life says:

    hello i wanted to get hydaulics for my car but dont know whats a good price i just want to hop and 3 wheel but not for show or competition its a 1964 impala 4 door

  16. low72 says:

    hahahhahaHAHAHA dude i love the sound of hydraulics, some robotic shit. your shit is fresh, thats how you do up a 64 impala, from the ground up motha fuckaaaaaaa

  17. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    its on the description… its so the car can take a beating & not break when hopping. its basically a 1/4″ external frame welded over all 4 sides of the stock frame.

  18. baggedblazer1 says:

    what is a wrapped frame? im a newbie hah

  19. baggedblazer1 says:

    what is a wraped frame? imma rookie hah

  20. rockthe40oz6666 says:

    how are you calculating 4 link arm lengths, and location of pivot points? is any of it relative to the driveshaft pivot after the tranny, or is this just a try shit till it works method? Im trying to put some math into this but i cant help but think its just something you do and mess around till it works.

  21. EvolveVolvo says:


  22. 156water says:

    wats up how much does the hydraulics cost for a 1964 4 door chevy impala kinda like that one but blue not yellow?

  23. sandiegocalifas619 says:

    But im safe without a frame wrap? That shit will buckle fast wont it?

  24. LunaticsLowriderClub says:

    deep cups in the front are safer, prevents the springs from poping out… also get coil over in the back with powerballs… also safer

  25. sandiegocalifas619 says:

    Thatz what im getting then. The CCE compz 2 pump. Im not going to be even hopping it high any wayz. Should I get deep cupz? What the differentz between regular cupz or Deep cupz?

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