Backing Semi in a Tight Hole Good POV

admin | February 2, 2011 | 25 Comments

Backing Sermi into a Tight Spot Realy Good POV
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  1. bullhaulin08 says:

    Looks like a Wal-Mart D.C., They sure do have some tight holes….

  2. JurisArcane says:

    Meh you did alright, to bad your truck is governed at .5 MPH in reverse. (NAH lol, j/k man, nice work. I’m starting with C.R. England next week, so likewise, I’m not gonna be gettin ANYWHERE in a hurry.)


  3. gimador says:

    wow good job

  4. ZER0EVO says:

    I can do this with my eyes closed listening to Gucci Mane

  5. thorne112 says:

    Whoah… Good Freaking job that is not easy.. But you did a great job..

  6. swtchbckshtr says:

    good job

  7. toothpock says:

    shake shake a skake shake a skake it….

  8. MsPinkDink says:

    no blind side is when your jack knifed and can only use one mirror and most time you have to open the door with the mirror you can see out of just to see the end of the damn trailer. very easy to screw up

  9. ripplesouth says:

    Nice Driving. You really know how to Shake it. Very tight spots. On my first try in similar conditions at night I hooked the driver’s side trailer door.

  10. grandgalop36 says:

    you call that tight one foot each side don’t come in montreal tight is about 4 inch each side when you’re back up the door touch the other trailer door so don’t miss or you lose you’re door

  11. pilotmanmax says:

    IS that called a blind-side back?

  12. MerlinxPV says:

    No low air pressure, it’s the back up alarm, as for the landing gear and being able to put it down the space between the trailers is bigger than the camera makes it appear.

  13. dannyjb91 says:

    i thought i was gonna grow old before you got that backed in there

  14. CaptDouchebag says:

    Doesn’t mean this person’s not allowed to be proud of it.

  15. hippyscumboy says:


  16. wtfmanicanthaveaname says:

    thats tight as hell, how you supposed to drop the landing gear? i guess lower it an inch off the ground, then lower the bags, but still, what a pain.

  17. braambo says:

    Was that the low air pressure sound I was hearing?

  18. braambo says:

    kind to think of it, that wasn’t the qualcomm was it? sounded almost like the low air pressure sound, i hear that often…or am i wrong boston?

  19. JT0k3r80 says:

    shake shake, shake shake, shake it

  20. 1majorgearhead says:

    man thats tight you would think they could space the bays out a little more

  21. TruckerDougDiesel says:

    Great video i coudlnt of done it better.5*s

  22. bubba2301 says:

    i agree on the qualcomm beep i dont miss that but my boss calls me on a nextel type radio that looks like a cb in the truck it has that signature loud 2 beep tone OUCH!!!

  23. bubba2301 says:

    damn that was tight not bad for a blindside maneuver. i dont have much of a blindside with a daycab w900 and 35′ dump trailer

  24. hawk4174 says:

    What was your load here delivering at Wally World?

  25. BostonTrucker says:

    What kinda phone you got that beeps like that LOL, No its manual
    Thanks for the info about tripod,

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