Crossdresser seducing truck drivers

admin | February 15, 2011 | 10 Comments

I luv truck drivers! I just wanted to seduce one of them. Yes I did. I can’t tell you no more … ;)
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Josh has three days to deliver a criminal in order to save a friend from hanging. The only things in his way are miles of open prerrie, two surly horse drivers, and a load of dynimite.
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  1. nwofrlf says:

    i love truckers too.we should talk sometime and share stories

  2. cdmistique says:

    So this really works.. they dont care about the extra parts??

  3. dollfaceronda says:

    Thats a nice rear end you have there sweety

  4. greenhawk46 says:

    lovely, seductive, and very sexy xxx Jim

  5. azaurea says:

    Then he came to me now walking and I was so scared that I amost forgot to open my car’s window! but I did, stepped out of the car with my mini skirt, we where talking and he told me I looked very sexy, he finally asked me to wait for him on my hotel room while he delivered his truck load and came back to me. I did, and the rest of the history is private … kisses …

  6. azaurea says:

    @themadcaptain Well, later that day I was driving besides this truck, pulled my skirt up and turned my interior lights on so the driver could see my legs, stockings and panties while we where both driving. He was watching me for 2 or 3 minutes, then he started to slowly slow down his speed and I did so, until I left him pass me by and I followed him, both driving slowly. Then he found a place to stop on the roadside, we both stopped.

  7. themadcaptain says:

    Sweet! Did you get some trucker action?

  8. azaurea says:

    @tatianatv008 I did, just let my cam on the floor and walked towards the trucks. Unfortunately I did not know how to keep the audio on my video editor otherwise you would hear the trucks engines , and the one arriving roarriinggg while flashing his lights all over me.. kissessssss ….

  9. tatianatv008 says:


  10. spacepatrolman says:

    They should have blown the stage across the river with dynamite

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