Holding charged with shooting; Speed case continued

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Fire Truck Accident
truck accident

Image by ASurroca
I saw a backfire truck in the middle of Sunset Drive and thought something must be amiss. It turned out to be stranger than I expectedview on map { geotagged }

Holding charging with shot; Speed lawsuit continued
A 30-twelvemonth-past Fallon man suspecting of shot his mammy’s boyfriend on Monday appeared in Justice Court on Wednesday. Loren Heath Holding, who also goes by Loren Martin, was appointed legal counsel on Wednesday. Paul Drakulich was assigned the causa.
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Chesterfield law pursuit end in clangour
A eve being pursued by Chesterfield Township constabulary Tuesday day possibly after she was involved in a safety and tally collision was captured after her motorcar slammed into a technical motortruck on Gratiot Avenue and Carriage Way Road North of 23 Mile Road, constabulary said.
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Oil motortruck turnover spilling gallon of oil
DARTMOUTH — Last Tuesday, Dartmouth Police and Fire Rescue unit responded to the area of 342 Old Westport Road for a study of a covered truck that had rolling maiden and was leaking lipide onto the roadway.
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Highway caster trauma in clank
ATTLEBORO – A Soviets road section caster interior a motortruck involved in snowfall remotion on the route was injured after another motortruck plowed into it Friday daylight.
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