Q&A: Anybody else thing History Channels: Deadliest Roads was funny?

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Question by billy25685: Anybody else situation History Channels: Deadliest Roads was gag?
I’ve been laughing since he said, everyone here drives like an idiot.

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Answer by John
I wishing I could familiarisation your joyfulness.

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  1. Jeska J says:

    I dunno how you see it’s funny. I lived on a gravel road when I was young with a big hill that often had to drive up and down from it was scarey. When I think of it it is funny because why are the roads so difficult to manuver.
    If you’ve ever been to Hawaii (Maui) you know that they are kookoo drivers. Somehow they actually avoid accidents it seemed like but the roads were strange and the drivers were really kind of jittery. People there asked me if my hair is naturally bright Pink and laughed like they were asking a silly question. :-}

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