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www.RCSPARKS.com – ALL NEW WEBSITE!! CHECK IT OUT! – February 2011 . The Axle Twisters RC Club’s WESTERN CANADA -TOP TRUCK COMPETITION JAMBOREE in Lethbridge Alberta 2010 – 1/10th RC 4X4 Trail Trucks, Custom Builds

The first truck, a Heil DuraPack Python on Autocar chassis was collecting garbage from small apartment buildings and duplexes along Sunshine Blvd in Golden Gate. The second truck, Heil DuraPack 7000 was recorded on the other side of Golden Gate. I believe this is the last 7000 WM has locally, and is currently used as a spare. The third truck, an older EZ-Pack Hercules FL was collecting mixed paper and cardboard for Sunshine Recycling, in a back alley near downtown. The driver was very fast, and I lost him after the one stop you see here. The last truck, the G&H Split RL was recorded in Lake Park, recyclables were sorted into seperate fiber and commingled containers streams. The recyclables are dumped into roll off containers, and hauled away by Sunshine Recycling to be processed at their MRF. Every one of these drivers was very friendly, many thanks for letting me film them at work.
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  1. samandjoel2 says:

    1:41 to 1:46 what truck is tht

  2. jowilson275 says:

    Hey, Medic, what is the “typical” motor most of the guys are running to turn the kind of wheel speed in this vid? I traded off a touring chassis for a SCX-10 with a 55t and would just like to know how far down to go. I do have an Xcelorin 3.5t…………

  3. samandjoel2 says:

    i have a honcho stock and it pulled my friends dirtbike 70cc with him on it not kidding

  4. gundorethemighty says:

    dude i want that body an frame yall are pulling that go sweet with my truck parts

  5. cbpehl says:

    Whats the maker/model style of the dodge mega cab and what electronics is it running. That thing is frickin legit!

  6. mrredneck439 says:

    at 2:22 is that homemade or store bought? and were at then?

  7. rccfreak says:

    hey man i love this vid and do u think when i buy a scx10 tr honcho do u think i can turn it into a powerpuller ill say

  8. jmloudon97 says:

    whats the truck at 1:45

  9. brobra41 says:

    great channel, love that beat up jeep.

  10. 780Cody1 says:

    it seems like the people that go first have it easier with no rut at the begining

  11. Kilgore01231 says:

    Hey were did you get that dodge body

  12. djmedic2008 says:

    @kewldx its a custom Axial scx10

  13. kewldx says:

    What Truck Is This.

  14. SnugglyLove says:

    What is the trailer you’ll are pulling?

  15. thepopcorn00 says:

    at 0:58 the car needed wider tires

  16. jdcasecat675d says:

    why r the trucks leaning to one side?

  17. jeremy878785 says:

    school bus was awesome! how much would it cost to make one of these crawlers i can get a crawler king.

  18. 199isabeast says:

    is the ford a custom exyended tamiya truck

  19. FLIPminoman says:

    That truck would make a badass rc!!!

  20. TraxxasTM33 says:

    and another thing, what is the first truck the crew cab? its pulling the tamiya bronco

  21. TraxxasTM33 says:

    :14 what is that thing?? that thing is sweet!!

  22. idiotparade1 says:

    Dude isn’t that truck the’re pulling an extended tamiya high lift??????

  23. idiotparade1 says:

    What is that one truck that they pull

  24. rockhopperz93xeedmax says:

    @Tedro63 , could be a sweet outrunner, almost sounds brushless BUT if you want power and wheels speen AND good low end control, go get the HH 7 to 10 Turn Puller motor with the torque master esc!!! sik setup on 3s 42 lipo!!

  25. rockhopperz93xeedmax says:

    why is there an AX-10 thats SUPER TALL LOL, in a TTC even??? ODD…some kool trucks tho!!, also the sled is sorta odd heh, thats a nice rig to be pullin on the front axle like that…..you Canucks man, I tell ya haha JK…nice vid medic!!

  26. labrieexpert2000 says:

    the 7000 was old but it still work

  27. caltrain2 says:

    at 0:30 you can see there cart delivery truck

  28. sakuraness says:

    “I’ll take you for a ride
    On my garbage truck
    Oh no!
    I’ll take you to the dump
    ‘Cause you’re my queen”

  29. sakuraness says:

    @xshellshockx777 I was watching these videos for a motion graphics project I was doing and I’ve curiously addicted to watching the way our garbage is dealt with.

  30. moppycolin says:

    this video is GARBAGE.

  31. wmautoreach123 says:

    what kind of chassis is the first truck??

  32. toulouse666 says:


    Now I want to go buy Tonka Trucks! ;)

  33. TheOTTO2732 says:

    @georgewuzheer I hate g&h msls! too high reach!

  34. L0komiro says:

    Why is this fun to watch !? Must bee fun :p

  35. GayBoyRunning says:

    I still´╗┐ see America is Lagging in General Technology. Australia has been using Automated side arms since the late 60′s..

  36. wbecker1215 says:

    wow!!!! i just love watching videos of garbage trucks!!!! its so exciting!!!!! I wish i was a garbage truck! i could just drive around all day picking up dumpsters and trash cans and stuff. so cool!

  37. LJB1031 says:

    @xmoddriver16 And you watch them? WTF?

  38. kramer727272 says:

    Don’t have those here where i live.

  39. xrikpinoy says:

    Kinda weird how i actually watched the whole thing. lol.

  40. AeonBaller says:

    And all this trash is weekly

  41. dougparadis says:

    we wonder why jobs are limited now, thats taking atleast 2

  42. TheYahtzeeClub says:

    ah yeah garbage truck porn d:

  43. rob16875 says:

    thats thoroughly impressive

  44. xdFyy says:

    nice video, check out my basketball video on my page..subscribe if u want…thanks

  45. rayamanelly says:

    Systems looks far from perfect. especially when cans are to close together just knock them over..

  46. xmoddriver16 says:

    Are you fucking kidding me, you go out and record videos of GARBAGE TRUCKS? WTF?

  47. labartic says:

    send that to washington and start trashing congress

  48. robe46 says:

    really?!?!?!?!?!?! y when you could just look out your window monday morning

  49. tarrded says:

    jeez!! How many poor cats have you flung in this thing?

  50. xshellshockx777 says:

    this is oddly entertaining

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