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People are Strange by Johnny Hollow Strange Letters in Rouen 49°25’34.00″N, 1° 5’52.26″E Unreal Star Wars Incom T-65B X-Wing at Disneyland Paris 48°52’28.43″N, 2°46’43.48″E Peculiar Mini on Side of Building – The Hague, Netherlands 52° 4’9.29″N, 4°18’50.31″E Uncommon Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands 51°55’13.23″N, 4°29’25.17″E Turn 3D Buildings on for the full effect Crazy Car Tipping – Germany 51°19’18.21″N, 6°34’35.62″E Unusual Water Bridge – Germany 51°42’36.23″N, 7°24’52.63″E Exotic Car with Golden Wings – Cologne, Germany 50°56’28.70″N, 6°57’0.38″E Different Residential Snake Building – Berlin, Germany 52°31’8.10″N, 13°21’29.39″E Apartments for civil servants on Moabit Island Funny Audi on a Stick – Nuremburg, Germany 49°29’5.00″N, 11° 5’36.15″E AUDI-Zentrum Nürnberg-Marienberg Mysterious Lines in the Desert – China 40°27’12.04″N, 93°44’31.04″E Weird Whampoa Boat – Hong Kong 22°18’14.50″N, 114°11’24.45″E Whampoa Gardens Shopping Arcade Fantastic Driver Training Circuit – China 36°19’38.67″N, 120°30’32.80″E Odd Large Map of Border Area near Kashmir 38°15’57.22″N, 105°57’2.36″E 34°22’2.96″N, 79°21’45.57″E Extraordinary Its a Plane – Russia 42°52’55.88″N, 47°39
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  1. EPICPERSON298 says:


  2. Marius1988Roma says:

    I’ve found a huge metallic-like circular tube in the antarctica, with inside another circle, weird circle.I cannot explain myself what it is, if you want to see it and rate it (I’ve put it online because I want opinions, comments ) you can find it clickig on my name, or look for Mysterious Antarctica Circle Google Earth. Peace and Love!!

  3. dinettt says:

    the uncommon houses were experiments.
    that water bridge is pretty normal accually, it’s called a viaduct

  4. artistdeterminedmsv says:

    Guitar house is probably Elvis’s hide out! ;)

  5. mkbarth says:

    @1971ojoalparche1971 Here’s another YouTube vid of the Ekranoplan: gIr8bjg_o2U. Thanks.

  6. 1971ojoalparche1971 says:

    The Extraordinary Plane is actually a boat and I believe the Russian company that makes them is called Ekranoplan. The wings give it only enough lift to lessen water resistance, but it can’t fly. This model was built as a prototype and two are in operation across this lake in the picture.

  7. mkbarth says:

    @itumaster93 Thanks. Was wondering about that one.

  8. itumaster93 says:

    the x-wing it´s in the Euro Disney. It´s like a rollercoaster or something like that

  9. IAmAlreadyGoneForYou says:

    ”Crazy” parking Germany.
    Any of you guys ever been to Germany? That’s just how they park! :D

  10. 1800levso says:

    I found 2 more really cool strange earth formations one is by Alberta Canada, an indian face, and the otherone is by Atolingo Jalisco Mexico, Cortez fighting with a native american. really cool try to look for it. google earth strang giant man formation.

  11. mkbarth says:

    @Wednesday54345 Yeah, it moved. Use the Time Slider back to to July 31, 2003 to see it again. Thanks.

  12. Wednesday54345 says:

    The “eerie” flying car isn’t there anymore

  13. cooolkiddotcom says:

    the map of what is utah

  14. derCacher says:

    the car is art by H.A.Schult, it’s a ford! I’ve seen it and its really on the roof!!

  15. DAngerousLIzzard1234 says:

    really crappy remake of a song by the doors lol xD

  16. sodaslap says:

    Its cool how much google maps takes pictures of, and how fast people find out about them. =D

  17. dodoboy1212 says:

    @mkbarth Shit man you know your shit, and yeah I checked it out and it was just some big ass boat (fake boat) standing outside to represent some company.

  18. mkbarth says:

    @dodoboy1212 Yeah, the ship in Hong Kong is on Shung King St, between Tak Fung and Tak On.

  19. dodoboy1212 says:

    wtf, I live in Hong Kong and never seen that before, ima check it out now, c ya !

  20. DictatorRoB says:

    That map is too small for something like that, it’s only 1 Km long, it’s like to learn how to drive on 3 meters of road :-/

    And that car-maybe aliens kidnapped it. You know-Nevada…

  21. mkbarth says:

    @DictatorRoB Yeah, don’t know about the map. Some think it was used to train fighter pilots for action along the border. The flying car might just be a white car parked off the road – and a black car driving by. Looks cool though.

  22. DictatorRoB says:

    That map in China was fantastic, but pretty much useless at the same time.

    And what about flying car at end?

  23. bugface11 says:

    do one about writing-
    33°55’16.72″N 118°23’30.01″W

  24. hugo199410 says:

    downtown hong kong ==

    i freaking live like next to that “boat”
    is a shopping mall people….

  25. mkbarth says:

    @smf2 Ah ha! Colonel Sanders! Thanks.

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