why does my fuel pump keep going out… again and again?

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Question by Andrea C: why does my fuel pump keep going out… again and again?
I have a 2001 ford F150. The fuel pump went out, so we replace it. A month later it went out again. This time we replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, plus emptied out and cleaned the gas tank since it had floaters, and put new gas in it (all done by someone who works on cars all the time) Now it went out again a month later. A diagnostic test said the egr valve and sensor was bad as well as a clog in that egr system, plus the fuel pump went bad again. So after replacing everything, I know the fuel pump isnt resolved because I was told the egr system has to do with emissions and nothing to do with the fuel pump. Is there anything else that wouldnt come up on a diagnostics that could be causing the fuel pump to go out? I know the new one is from autozone, and yes I plan on getting a dumb $ 400 original brand pack to replace it next time, but I dont want to pay $ 400 soon just to find out it’ll die too due to something else in the truck burning out the fuel pumps.

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Answer by *ajidamoon* the Eh team
Does your truck have only one fuel pump, or two? Many large trucks have one high pressure, one low pressure. Or perhaps the mechanics aren’t changing the strainer too and sediment is getting into the fuel pump. Many places will skip out on replacing the strainer and just change out the pump.

If you do have a low pressure pump inside the actual tank, it could be bad, which would make the one outside the tank overwork and run itself to death faster. Have you also had the Sending Unit changed/checked?

A bad EGR valve will cause your truck to run rough, suck more gas and idle high. It might even cause it to stall out if you let it go long enough. Many trucks have more than one EGR as well…..but its an emissions thing, nothing to do with the fuel pump.

*It will also put more strain on your fuel pump and cause more sediment to get into your lines if you are consistently below a quarter tank of gas.

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  1. molitor says:

    Do you run it low [almost to empty] on fuel often?

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