Erica Forney’s story. (don’t text and drive)

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I didnt make this video, it was on the news and I wanted to post it to give awareness..So in driver’s ed we watched a video of texting and driving and the outcomes of it all.. Erica’s story touched me the most. Drunk Driving isn’t the only problem with drivers, texting is.. texting while driving is equivelent to having 4 beers or even worse! Driving while talking on a phone is 4 times greater to get in an accident and texting and driving is 8 times greater to get in an accident. Erica was only 9 years old when she died from a driver who was texting when she hit Erica. Erica was coming home from school that day, Erica was in the bike lane, but the driver didn’t see her and hit Erica at a speed of 25 mph Erica’s bike was mangled. Erica’s mother said she was coming home from a dr’s appointment and was talking to her dad on the phone and said “Dad, I gotta go there are ambulances all around my house, I then knew it was Erica” The sad part is This is 100% preventable, and she was a few peddles away from her home RIP ERICA!! remember never text and drive it isn’t worth risking yours or other people’s lives
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  1. PencilBoxProjects says:

    Very sad story. So terrible for her family. We have a PSA on our channel made with teens to help raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.

  2. oswaldothelegend says:

    There is a hole in their home, that will never be field. xD :11

  3. Red9561 says:

    People don’t know that texting is the world easiest way to get killed. Why text? It could be you or someone you dont even know. Why end their life for something you did?

  4. PencilBoxProjects says:

    Very sad…we made a PSA on not texting and driving .. check it out on our channel.

  5. 10alwaysandforever says:

    when i was in drivers ed they asked my class what we thouht was worse driving and talking on the phone or driving and texting ? (there both bad i know ) but we all said texting and the teacher said talking !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 10alwaysandforever says:

    @LeahGosselin4everz thats not that point !!!! and it deppanmds where u live?

  7. molonator5000 says:

    Paige, im so glad you put this up, it teaches everyone a lesson not to text and drive.

  8. LeahGosselin4everz says:

    This Is Sad And Hope This Never Happens Again But Who Lets There 9 Year Old Daugther Ride Their Bike Home From School Alone?

  9. whynot23x says:

    aww this is such a sad story! :’( i’ll never text and drive

  10. SpikeUpLife123 says:

    :( aw omg,. thanks for posting. this is so sad

  11. HeavensSweetHearts says:

    poor baby! RIP lil Erica):
    What a tragic thing….. Shame

  12. Nickjonasgirl993 says:

    @abcsoaps1994 Yeah :( we saw the oprah episode in driver’s ed also it’s so sad.

  13. abcsoaps1994 says:

    aww that is so sad :’( Rest in peace Erica <3 I was just watching oprah about texting and driving the other day it really needs to be stopped :(

  14. meganS891 says:

    :( Poor little baby. RIP Erica. <3

  15. MeghanJoyGosselin says:

    :( Heartbreaking story! RIP!

  16. princessUSA2 says:

    its okay i know now.

  17. Nickjonasgirl993 says:

    @princessUSA2 watch the video. It says in there

  18. princessUSA2 says:

    sorry, the description didnt come up when i posted my first comment.

  19. princessUSA2 says:

    what happened to her?

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