God caught on Google Maps?

admin | March 9, 2011 | 13 Comments

God caught on google maps don’t belive it try it go on google maps and type “Quarten, Switzerland” go a little West on Murg 47 Street Look in the air and there it is. Comment on what you think it is.
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  1. xILoveTheQuinTwinsx says:

    you can travel down that road and it looks the same from every angle and the size doesn’t make any sense perspective wise, at points 12 miles apart it looks precisely the same. So clearly it’s the camera.

  2. Slickcyclone says:

    Looks like a woman in a ball gown to me. idk.

  3. marcky89869 says:

    look like a Coke bottles to me :)

  4. caziee1 says:


  5. thorpepark18 says:

    Its the most fakest image ever all u people r sad its not real & theres no such thing as black dealth so get real stop making stuff up

  6. deadman66654 says:

    @Er3ck003 I said in credits DropKick Murphy- Johnny I hardly knew yea

  7. Er3ck003 says:

    Song Name Plz???

  8. Lebanese28 says:

    It’s merely a thought, am not certain that the image is even true nor do i like to through my gueses left and right, but since you asked, i would think it resembles an image of either Mariam(a.s), Fatima(a.s), Zainab(a.s), or Roqaya(a.s).. all being of great high respect, piety and faith, and the last 3 being that and being opressed, chained, and hurt throughout all their lives, till they also witnesed their most loved ones being killed and beheaded infront of them.. am not sure

  9. deadman66654 says:

    @Lebanese28 what would that charecter be?

  10. deadman66654 says:

    @Cocanuthead2 I read that to on that it mite be death and not god, i think its is more looking like death than god

  11. Lebanese28 says:

    Not saying that i bealieve this image, but if it was to be true, i would say it resembles two women modestly, covered up… It looks alot like some descriptions i know about a certain charecter in the past..

  12. webemundo says:

    Looks like it – Search Google Maps Got Cigar Man?

  13. Cocanuthead2 says:

    Well Frist Off its not God..cuzz why would God Be In a black w.e it is…And the other 1 it seems to be an angel on 1 nee..now I was reading And it said that Black thing could be death …Im wondering If Mabey its a sign..But what kind of sign in that?..idk I do belive its real its not fake but…not sure what the black thing is? hit me back

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