has a driver ever been killed on Ice road truckers?

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Ice Road Truckers

Question by KttK008: has a busman ever been killed on Ice route truckers?
we always see the close calls but never a collision/someone falling throughsure we seat them drive by a wreck but never glimpsing someone acquiring wrecked it seems staged almost because you never seat the reality of the crystal route

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Answer by Abe
ahahaha I’m watching that show access now!But that’s how they get you to keep observation…they brand it suspenseful. I gentleman’t understand anyone ON the exhibit has died, I advisement they have had wreaked but people have died on the Ice Road, its very dangerous. But based on commercials theres say to be a play on present’s funfair.

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  1. monte says:

    None of the featured drivers has been killed or badly hurt on the series. Hugh got hit near the end of the first year. It wrecked the truck he was driving, but he was OK. Last year Rick put a truck in the ditch on the way up to drive the ice road and Alex had heart problems. So far this year, no major problems. New episode on now.

  2. Locksmith says:

    yes, drivers have been killed on the show, but these are edited out. there are more than the five or six drivers running the ice road, so take it from there

  3. Texas Underdog says:

    Not that they have shown on the show. But they showed the several crosses where truckers have died on the sides of the road a few times.

  4. MichaelS says:

    Last year, and in years past, the show was filmed in Canada, where they drove on pure ice for hundreds of miles, and yes, they’ve had some go through the ice and killed. Obviously, they don’t show that on TV.

    This year, they are filming in Alaska, and the only pure ice is the short jump from Coldfoot to Prudhoe Bay.

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