Lexus and Toyota Nav System Service Menu with GPS Override

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Video showing one of the 3 ways to access the Service Menu inside Toyota and Lexus Gen 5 Nav Systems. The service menu includes the GPS Override option. Be safe – only use this when a passenger can safely input addresses or phone numbers. The service menu contains other options that should only be used by a Lexus or Toyota service professional. Do not attempt to access the service menu if you are not a Lexus or Toyota service professional. More information (along with the other 2 ways to enter the Service Menu), visit CarTVs Car Tips section of its website (
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  1. sean01011 says:

    Oh, this is so helpful. Thank you, worked like a charm on my 06 HiHy V6 my menu has more options than your screen, but i just selected override. Now i just need to find out how to disable the beep on menus.

  2. MrToyotaVVTi says:

    he recalabrated it

  3. MrCarowner says:

    Thieves can easily break into Lexus!!!

    Check it out at YouTube “5 seconds break into 2009 Lexus ES350 part 1 ” .
    YouTube “5 seconds break into 2009 Lexus ES350 part 2 ”
    You will be SURPRISED!!
    Like what you saw, Lexus ” ALARM” was so
    stupid when the thief broke into…….
    What a Lexus!!
    What a piece of JUNK! hahaha.

  4. EthanPell says:

    I can verify ths works on a 2008 Toyota Highlander. Now I can find Starbucks on the highway!

  5. clcarver76 says:

    I’ve got a 2006 Toyota Highlander with the 2009 Navigation disk. This method doesn’t work on it. My friend has a 2009 Toyota Sienna. By default his navigation screen just shows the warning for a second or two, then goes directly to navigation. Is there any way to add that feature to my Highlander?

  6. subaru123789 says:

    try doing it with the map showing, press display, and then alternate pressing top left botttom left until the menu comes up. It works on my 2008

  7. ecount00 says:

    this is bogus. doesnt work any more. Lexus disabled this several model releases ago after word got out about how to get to the hidden menu that was for service techs to use to troubleshoot problems.

  8. ecount00 says:

    it’s bogus. this hidden method hasn’t worked on the last several model years. it was a diagnostic menu for techs to use to trouble shoot problems and when word got out, they disabled this in later model releases.

  9. aaad917 says:

    There is one good feature you have to try it..

    If the key at the steering wheel ignition, move it (in between) Acc and ON .. this will help to cool your car.
    :D .. hope you like it

  10. JakeHustle2 says:

    but inputing an address while the car is moving is dangerous because it distracts the driver to concentrate on the road…

  11. KrellLab says:

    Buy a Honda for a Nav system done right.

    The Toyota system is dangerous because it requires the driver to perform additional maneuvering (exit the freeway, ect.) to get the car stopped and then under way again.

    Always look for a system that will allow the PASSENGER to input an address while the vehicle is moving. This important safety feature also saves time and gasoline. Honda, Mercedes, and the Hertz Never Lost do it right.

  12. carsaregood911 says:

    hahahahahaha you have a prius!!!

    I doubt that a Prius would have the Gen 5 systems. Maybe yours has the Gen 4 idk

  13. smartkid1985 says:

    doesnt work on my 08 GX!

  14. bjkmgk123 says:

    Doesn’t work on my 2008 Prius. Any suggestions?

  15. xptunes says:

    toyota owns lexus

  16. lucasmadrid says:


  17. siliconsurf says:

    does this work with the 2007 is350? how do i unlock the dvd feature while driving?

  18. mk0220 says:

    very nice~~

  19. jameswalker213 says:

    thank you

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