Samsung Vibrant – Official Update – GPS Fix -T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S

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This video is simply an announcement that the official Samsung / T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant update is out, as of October 7, 2010. T-Mobile is sending out official notification directly to your Vibrant handset telling you that the Ji6 update is available for OTA (over the air) download and install. You simply click “OK” on the message screen to allow your Vibrant to automatically download and install the update. As to WHEN you may get the notice, I do not know how T-Mobile is sending out the notice. I don’t know if they do it by phone number, geographic region or what. If you want to post a comment on where you live and when you got the notice, that would be helpful to all YouTube Vibrant owners. THIS IS AN INCREMENTAL UPDATE OF ANDROID 2.1 THAT IS INSTALLED ON THE PHONE. It does NOT remove your programs, contacts, settings, or Android 2.1 So you do NOT have to worry about backing up your data or tinkering with your settings. Some answers to questions: 1. This is the official update. For a few days via Samsung Kies there was an update called Ji5. But that was pulled by Samsung because there were problems with it. Ji6 is the official update and it is the version that T-Mobile provides. The only way to get this update, officially anyway, is via T-Mobile’s OTA update. 2. This provides the GPS fix that people have been talking about. Everyone who has installed this update have reported that the phone’s GPS now works great. 3. The download and install takes about ten
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  1. BootyFreak4783 says:

    i am frightfully turned on and dripping because of this vid, wtf?!

  2. bargodd says:

    I have firmware version,,, with 2.1 update 1 beneath it.. is this a sign that the froyo should be coming to my phone soon or what… and do i need to keep the samsung kies i installed on the phone or should i get rid of it before the froyo update?

  3. CHIKOBUENO99 says:

    i live in CA and no update yet! wth???

  4. 702security says:

    Are you going to get the my touch 4g?

  5. Tanman831 says:

    do u have to pay for the gps or is it free?

  6. Jabbajawz4life says:

    Well I got my update last week(Chicago). I don’t really notice much of a difference except the stuff you said in this video.

  7. lbshizzle says:

    i,m in no hurry for 2.2 because my in-law got a 2.2 update for his droid and ever since then his phone went to shit. It’s all slow and less responsive i hope when they send it out no problems will happen but imma wait and see how everyones phone take the update before i do it..

  8. HeartInSanFrancisco says:

    @MsBadAssXIII … I like the HD camcorder icon, especially when I need to quickly shoot a video (such as the Tesla video I posted in here, shot while I was in my car and could not really see the screen since I was moving).

    To shoot a video without that camcorder icon one has to:

    Click the camera icon.

    The click the arrow on the left to get to the camcorder icon.

    Then click the camcorder icon.

    Then click the “Start” icon to start shooting.

    That’s ridiculous.

  9. KatiexKIRA says:

    live in FL and just got it

  10. alisaisgood says:

    Just now got update, Oklahoma City

  11. MsBadAssXIII says:

    Just got my update (Virginia Beach). I noticed they added a task manager app which is handy, and they’ve added a separate icon for HD camcorder which I don’t like because you can get to the camcorder from the camera icon…so don’t know why they did that it’s just taking up space on my menu which I hate. I wish we could delete the app’s that came with the phone that we will not use.

  12. ilo3v3sjb says:

    I just qot mines this morninq Houston, tx

  13. ilo3v3sjb says:

    I livee, in houston.

  14. HeartInSanFrancisco says:

    @rohw0016 Great. Thanks for posting this info so people can see how the roll-out is going.

  15. rohw0016 says:

    i live in MN.. and i just got it

  16. HeartInSanFrancisco says:

    @TheDsb03 … I thought this month (October), but I don’t know.

    If the old MyTouch is any indication, T-Mobile is currently rolling out an update to FroYo (2.2) for that phone. So T-Mobile is aware of and capable of updating its Android-based phones.

    So IMHO any day now we should get notice that the Vibrant can be updated to 2.2.

  17. TheDsb03 says:

    when is the update for 2.2 coming out

  18. raydollerz says:

    dude i love how you get ever great phone for the vibrant

  19. raw415 says:

    if i rooted my phone would updating it brick my phone??

  20. Zerodynamix says:

    I recently bought a brand new samsung vibrant in a box still from eBay. It’s a tmobile phone and I have a tmobile sim card. When I use my sim card with it and start it I don’t get any message or anyway to download or update firmware. I want to fix the gps and all. What are my only solutions for fixing it? I just had my phone for a day. Also, what’s some good stuff I should download for my vibrant? Still learning… xD reply!!

  21. HeartInSanFrancisco says:

    @seanp666 … The option is still there on mine. The boxes on the left of the in-box are unchecked (albeit they are a light shade if gray against a black background so they are not easy to see).

    I press the box next to each e-mail and a green checkmark appears. At the same time three boxes pop up at bottom of screen saying “Mark read” “Add star” and “Delete.”

    I can uncheck any e-mail where I change my mind. If I uncheck all the e-mails the boxes at the bottom disappear.

  22. seanp666 says:

    After your OTA update, has your gmail changed? When you click on gmail and you see your list of emails, there used to be little boxes to the left of the emails you could check to delete multiple emails at once. After the update, my little boxes are gone. Is this the case for you as well?

  23. ColonelChaos0 says:

    Thanks for the video. Still waiting for my update >:(

  24. HeartInSanFrancisco says:

    Also, I went on T-Mobile, My Account, and the update was NOT available, that I could find anyway. So it seems this is a T-Mobile OTA update only.

  25. Sader2202 says:

    @gdude6064 me you both. sucks

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