18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker-Haulin Alaska Ice Road Truckers Mack

admin | April 14, 2011 | 22 Comments

18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker-Haulin Alaska Ice Road Truckers Mack

Watch Alex Debogorski, the original ice road trucker pull Rockwood Products, “Runnin Late” show truck in the 2009 Big Iron Classic truck pulls!
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  1. trainsimulator2 says:

    that looks to be a LTL load

  2. Seko1231 says:


  3. youngtrucker11 says:

    does anyone know how i can fix lag, if you can tell me and it works ill subscribe ;)

  4. Anju616 says:

    It’s boring but if you go fast your stuff will fking fall ( in real life ) and your in deep shit

  5. wildization says:

    it says HAULIN u fuckin dumasses read after trucker it says HAULIN

  6. stephenrankin12345 says:

    @09tyler11 you cant!

  7. redbluestudios says:

    thats not even extreme trucker!

  8. redbluestudios says:

    mate nothins free buy it just like i did. It’s not a rip off like bus driver. this game is great.

  9. cooltj100 says:

    i tryed the demo and i liked could some please give me the activation code please.

  10. 454jags says:

    I fell in the ice once there was a large crack in the ice, if you drive fast over the ice you would not fall in, this is not extreme trucker cause ET has no petrol station

  11. ion5061 says:

    extreme is fun and u can dl it for free

  12. Corkoth55 says:

    which game would you people recommend? haulin, extreme trucker. or that one centered in western US?

  13. sirjorge145 says:

    topocad,me pasarias el mapa,gracias?

  14. 09tyler11 says:

    how do you get out of the truck in 18 wos haulin

  15. NicoSuckow says:

    The game is Haulin and not extreme trucker

  16. biggestMetallicAfan says:

    You pieces of shit people need to quit posting a vid of like hauling or some shit and calling it ET, you ain’t fooling nobody.

  17. truckerdyl77 says:

    um no its nawt extreme trucker

  18. BiggestTwoNoobs says:

    not realy hard to drive on those ice roads

  19. Cliffs12345 says:

    topo do not says its the extreme trucker game if its not it pisses me and otherpeople off

  20. dustydustydoo says:

    Would be nice if this was the alaskan iceroad… This is canadian with yellowknife and BHP Ekati, Diavik, Colomac, and more.

  21. TOPOCAD1981 says:

    =) ok compa se lo envio a su correo

  22. renckorexonerxo says:

    chatita cool:D pasa el mapa prfa!

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