Custom Unimog for Magpul Industries

admin | April 20, 2011 | 25 Comments

Couch Off-Road Engineering built a custom Unimog for Magpul Industries to promote their MBUS product. It debuted at the 2010 Shot Show in Las Vegas. This video showcases just some of its capabilities. Visit for more information about this vehicle and our other projects and services.

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  1. MakeReadySupply says:

    That’s one hell of a cool tax write off.

  2. SuperButch888 says:

    i love it…………………..more offroad videos pleassssssssssssssssssssse

  3. DickHBox says:

    Really pretty, but will it still do this? Search this: 1 LandymogWinter2010 SpaƟ Unimog

  4. pedanticmofo says:

    That’s cool, but when are you going to build one with BIG tires?

  5. a7g1000 says:

    sounds like theres a cummins turbo motor in that thing

  6. ekar22manmade says:

    That model is the unimog?

  7. baconsandwich2007 says:

    Dear Santa……………………!

  8. Echo63photographer says:

    Awesome Truck, love the TurboDiesel noise.
    Im looking at getting a 416 Doka, then lifting the cab a bit and fitting a Turbo, and running it as a Daily Driver.

    Nice Work Jason

  9. boboriginal says:

    How many gallons to the mile?

  10. Timisso1337 says:

    I wonder what kind of MPG it gets.

  11. ThePopeAndy says:

    That thing is a beast!

  12. Outdoorsmen44 says:

    Man that thing is awesome!

  13. Jesses001 says:

    So that thing really can do off road. Awsome.

  14. kphifer1 says:

    Hate to be the one to have to change a tire in the field!


    no twin mini guns ??
    no rocket launchers??
    no hot tub in the back for Travis and Chris to pick up hot chicks

  16. jaxes88 says:

    Like anything that says magpul on it I’ll never be able afford one and the authorities would make it a pain in the ass

  17. aebrownleeiv says:

    Toyota also wont have the range, hauling capacity, or ability to tow other items like this will.

    I mean really people, not even my cross-country 3/4 ton diesel ‘burban is in the same class, let alone a toy.

    Great work on the mog! Kelvin Kurkowski was my introduction to the beasts.

  18. LeonRFpoa says:

    God what a monster. I bet friggin fault lines get scared when that thing comes pulling up.

  19. jasoncouch01 says:

    well u r kind of right,but this thing used to tow around C5a Galaxies for the millitary and will shunt trains around with hi railer gear, besides i can easilly park it on top or most Toyotas.

  20. pjwhitehouse1 says:

    a toyota pick up can do all the same things only faster and less likely to tip over. looks cool but not practical.

  21. Armand1694 says:

    Is it legal to drive this on a highway?

  22. fordfreak510 says:

    Thanks monster… so what year is it? Like a mid 70′s?

  23. monstermog1964 says:

    Jason…What exactly did you do for Magpul Industries? Did you do the bodywork? Or was it already done? Did your shop do all the design for the bumpers/tanks? I believe that is what the people want to know? Do you fabricate bodies such as this in-house? What turbo are you using? I work with both kinds of turbos and changing a non-waste gated turbos to a waste-gated turbo allthough seemingly different is not that difficult and even easier for diesel. It does sound great thogh.

  24. monstermog1964 says:

    Its a good video. My response to the other persons build question was in regard the actual body build. I was already aware of the electric winch for the spare tire rack. 406/416 its a

  25. jasoncouch01 says:

    The spare is lowered w/ an electric winch. This allows it to be dropped/raised without the engine running.

    I’m pretty sure not just any shop would be able to execute a build like this. There really is a lot of thought into not only aesthetics ,but a truly functional design that is very bullet proof.
    No one has actually built a functioning high horse power waste gated turbocharged 406/416 to date other than this that Im aware of.
    By the way it is a 406, 21″ shorter wheelbase!

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