Xtrons TD713G (2) – 3D Interface/Blue Tooth/iPod/GPS DVD Player/7″ High Definition Digital Screen

admin | April 5, 2011 | 28 Comments

7″ High Definition Digital Screen. 3D Interface. Blue Tooth. iPod. GPS DVD Player 2011 New Model Surround yourself with the very best! Digital Screen Touch Screen Touch Slide Operation The Latest 3D User Interface Support Touch…
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In this video, I pretty much give you an on-road usage perspective of this TomTom car kit. Overall, it performs well. Shame on the price though. ps I didn’t cover as much as I did on the iPhone car kit because this was literally the same thing but for the ipod touch. You can also join me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Or my blog: www.iglaswegian.blogspot.com Catch my LIVE Streams www.ustream.tv
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  1. ourxtrons says:

    Welcome to purchase via xtrons.com

  2. ourxtrons says:

    Yes it has built in GPS function!!!

  3. TBFamStixx says:

    Is the navi built in? I don’t need to buy anything extra?

  4. LaneVines says:

    Great video but you’re driving on the wrong side of the road…

  5. conor8262TV says:

    Its much money that cost £30 £40 £50 and £60

  6. minimartinb says:

    do you need the Wind screen thing for it to work on a ipod?

  7. ProduccionesDanny says:

    hello i have a question is there anyway i can donwload the tom tom APP from elswhere? and this GPS includes all the maps in the world?

    my ipod touch 1 is jailbroken is there a problem?

  8. starterlighter99 says:

    wow, what a great review! and for those commentators who are looking for an iPod for free or similar gadgets, simply google for freegiveawaysonline.info

    My 17 years old son just received one a few days ago and I couldn’t beleived my eyes.

  9. ChristianHolmes0 says:

    wow, what a great review! and for those commentators who are looking for ipod for free or similar gadgets, simply google for freegiveawaysonline.info

    My 17 years son just received one not long ago and I couldn’t beleived my eyes.

  10. michielhoudkamp says:

    Depends, do you have an iPhone or iPod? If you have an iPhone, you wont need a carkit, because it has gps. An iPod hasnt got gps, so if you have an iPod you have yo buy them both… Or just jailbreak it ;)

  11. mrsonicgear says:

    i have ipod touch 2g ,can i use it?(without internet)

  12. mrsonicgear says:

    really ?????!?!?!?!?!?

  13. sweettooth80 says:

    where and how much :)

  14. darkasrzerotwo says:

    @alozanomms7 Lolz.. You just joking right?

  15. spoff82 says:

    @vpurev $50

  16. TheLarouk says:

    @theunits3 Hi! Do you know if it is compatible and fit nicely with iPod Touch 4th gen? There are forums saying that iTouch 4g can’t fit nicely into the Tom Tom iTouch dock. Thanks

  17. DJmailman2 says:

    Great video ;)
    I just have one question.
    In the ITunes store i found the TomTom app for 69 euro’s.
    In the apple store I saw the car kit for 79 euro’s.
    My question is: Do I need to buy them both or only the carkit?

  18. rxrotaryguy7 says:

    jailbreak your ipod, save yourself $50 and just buy the gps receiver :D

  19. alozanomms7 says:

    Can you please please PLEASE give me ur apple I’d and password I will only download Tom Tom and nothing else, if I do sue me. PLEASE!!!!!

  20. digitalflava says:

    I have this app and the Ipod Touch, also the car kit, but don’t know the steps to get to the navigator. Mine doesn’t deem to do what yours is doing unless I hit the demo. What am I doing wrong?

  21. vpurev says:

    how much is this gps app for ipod touch? ^^

  22. theunits3 says:

    @Kerpaltheballer correct ;) . Enjoy :D

  23. Kerpaltheballer says:

    so let me get this straight.. i do not need a wifi connection at all when i have this connected. There are no subscriptions necessary and this gives you turn by turn directions with an external speaker :) ? This sounds like a great device

    so all i would need to buy is the adapter and the app from the appstore correct?

  24. ClarkKhan1 says:

    This kit does NOT work with the iPod Touch 4G. An adapter is available for the iPhone 4 and the 3G kit. I’m wondering, does Tom Tom make a similar adapter for the ipod touch kit?

  25. Kerpaltheballer says:

    hey i have the new ipod touch 4 since ive sold my 1st, 2nd and 3rd gens (I LOVE TO UPGRADE). Will this car kit fit in the new ipod touch 4?

    Also i was considering buying the new ipad when it comes out i hope they make a car kit that would be awesome!

  26. ChrisAstro30 says:

    @TheRomanoLV the app cost about $49.99 and the kit cost $89 at best buy.

  27. mrmilomannowra says:

    do u need the cradle thing? i have the app on the ipod touch , but not the cradle and the app just keeps saying connect to gps ? thanks..

  28. TheRomanoLV says:

    Is this for free? I mean, do I need internet? and how much costs that thing?

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