1979 W900 KW Kenworth 8-V92 Detroit diesel Truck Tractor

admin | June 21, 2011 | 25 Comments

Sorry,SOLD!This kenworth is equipped with an 8-V92 Detroit,Spicer 20 speed,Hendrickson Suspension,Power Steering,Double Frame,and more! FOR SALE,828-612-3447 From Brad’s Classic Trucks complete with Jerry Reed East Bound And Down music.

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  1. 22ratshot says:

    @MrJoegixxer Yea but there’s alot of em still alive.

  2. MrJoegixxer says:


    Sad day when they stopped making the two strokes!

  3. nokiaicon says:

    Brad what do you recommend for the headlights I got a 79 w900 and the headlights suck at night

  4. TheLargecars says:

    @classicpower07 wheres snowman?

  5. KillaTbone1 says:

    Should of had the headlights on when you were cruising it on the road.

  6. 1979peterbilt says:

    Brad you do fine work fixing these old trucks , I got a 1980 white road boss series 2 with a 475 8v92 detroit , I haul pulpwood with it 5 days a week over in East Tn , Id love to get you a hold of it & make it shiny again !

  7. greasemonkey98 says:

    @classicpower07 damn!

  8. wilatemodel says:

    could someone subcontract you guys out to restore a transtar??..i like your work..top shelf..

  9. paddywagons104 says:

    are u serious 7900 buys one !!!!!!

  10. sexpistol66 says:

    No one builds trucks like the americans

  11. 22ratshot says:

    Can’t beat a KW with a detroit. Damn that thang sounds good.

  12. mike198748 says:

    yeah thats the ticket

  13. SteveCarras says:

    Oh, then it’;s a one stick. With four ranges.

  14. SteveCarras says:

    Spicer 20 speed? Wow..that’s obviously a two stick 5×4.

  15. TheFireman203 says:

    ill take it haha i wish i could

  16. tritty84 says:

    We have these in Australia would love to buy a truck off you one day.

  17. ThePowerwagon79 says:

    thats funny my grandpa had a 1978/79 kenworth w900 with the black paint and gold stripes he passed away in 1993 and sadly the truck was sold and then the guy wrecked from what I hear

  18. kenworthjoe13 says:

    man if you paint that black wit gold strips youll be the snowman himself c’mon

  19. 12v71jimmy says:

    well next one you get one. inform me because i would buy it off you in a heart beat. thanks

  20. classicpower07 says:

    It’s sold.

  21. 12v71jimmy says:

    how much money would you take for it

  22. tadebb says:

    I love it, beautiful truck

  23. krazyjk022 says:


  24. mike198748 says:

    a double frame?? that means the frame rails have been reinforced with another frame inside of the exsisting one, it is pretty common with loggin trucks dump trucks and heavy haul trucks

  25. krazyjk022 says:

    whats a double frame? thanks

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