Joplin Missouri Tornado footage comparison of St. John’s Hospital

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Tornado aftermath compared with google maps street view
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  1. beckluvs2crop says:

    This one left its marks. Shingles driven through trees and 2×4′s. Shards of wood driven into the grounds around the HS.

  2. desmar2u says:

    @Zhylo Actually I have seen aftermaths of tornados where a piece of straw was impaled in a telephone pole. I imagine if it can cut through solid wood it could do a fairly good job on the human body.

  3. yllibllik says:

    @Zhylo it comes from the old warnings against debris. isnt uncommon to find stalks of straw embedded into cattle hide and wood after a twister, so the story about a blade of grass killing a man was born :)

  4. Walkden09 says:

    Tornados are Awesome!

  5. Lcseers says:

    Cheers for posting, I have relatives in east 15th street, their ok, but I can’t imagine the damage.

  6. tiburcio9999 says:

    damn nature YOUR SCARY

  7. 6195123453429878 says:

    @elliebearable What do you mean you don’t get it? Isn’t it clear?

  8. smalltowngirl2881 says:

    Thank you so much for the comparsion. I walked though it just a fews hours after it happened and was lost. I could not recognize where I was at. I just cry every time. And to the people who say why didn’t you leave? You never try to out run a tornado. You don’t know what direction it is headed. The only thing you can do with 20 min notice is take cover in your closest building

  9. elliebearable says:

    unbelievable. I just don’t get it.

  10. BlackRoseXVCI says:

    Good job. So sad for all lost here though!

  11. Zhylo says:

    @barn524. Unless the blade of grass is traveling a supersonic speeds, such an object with very little mass wont do shit.

  12. barn524 says:

    Trying to leave, in a car, you may not get hit by a tornado but you will get hit by debris, and even a blade of grass can kill you….

  13. barn524 says:

    @sexykitty51 I thought that too! That it was the same vehicle!

  14. sdrparks says:

    Well done

  15. bloodystarlite says:

    thats 21st

  16. TimeLapseSteve says:

    Well done. I had a similar idea in mind, but had no idea how to pull it off. Thanks for making this informative video.

  17. latinguy67 says:

    Thanks again, for your work. I am posting your efforts on my FB for everyone to see the power of this tornado.

  18. singinsammi33 says:

    This is so sad to see happen again. I live in Alabama and you know, it’s so easy to say ‘why don’t you run?’ Well, tornadoes like the one in Joplin and the ones here a few weeks ago don’t happen every time we get tornadoes, these massive ones are so rare. The last storm here in AL that was similar was in 1925. The ones here 3 weeks ago were 75-80 mph in speed, you just don’t have the time to run if you hear it’s 5 miles away from you. And you never know where another will touch down.

  19. crambone20002000 says:

    Thank you for putting this video on YouTube.

  20. spacestevie2 says:

    I looked with tears at what happened to Cunningham Park. All those wonderful trees are gone. I used to go to picnics and I learned to swim at the pool there. Its probably all gone there. At least I have learned that my family is OK. God bless everyone.

  21. 1IMABADBITCH says:

    @datzfast i agree

  22. jiggy14 says:

    Why do you have a bear with you?

  23. sexykitty51 says:

    looks like a before and after picture at 2:32 of the same white vehicle, in the street view it is just to the right of the telephone pole and is the destroyed car in the video

  24. datzfast says:

    @1IMABADBITCH sure, some of the dead got a twenty minute warning and saw the tornado two minutes away and though this will kill me anyway better flee. my point being why did they think its a good idea to hunker down in the first place. They get it from the non stop advice given on television. at night time its a differant game but if you see a funnel GET OUT

  25. 1IMABADBITCH says:

    @datzfast well the ones that didnt stay and was only givin a 20 min window of warning some died in the cars that were leaving so eaither way it goes leaving are staying people were harmed or killed just fyi you only get so many min of window time .. but i agree if your warned leave

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