Q&A: How do you download custom maps/games for Halo 3 on Xbox?

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Question by hay123: How do you download custom maps/games for Halo 3 on Xbox?
I was invited to a custom game and he was playing games such as Monster Truck or something that he didn’t make so I guess if he didn’t make them, he probably downloaded them. How do you do that?

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Answer by beastin123
go to forge hit start and it will say save as new map. hope i helped ya

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  1. Luis G says:

    There are multiple ways to download custom games.

    1. Press start in the game lobby, go to bungie favorites and download something from there

    2. Go onto someone’s File Share and download a custom game they have

    3. Go to Custom Games Lobby or, go to map or game, select Recent games or Recent maps, add any of them to library (X to save I/map)

    4. Go to http://www.bungie.net, log in, go to community, search for games and maps, download any game/map to library, sign in to Xbox Live, get on Halo 3, games/maps will be in current downloads

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