1960 Kenworth needlenose

admin | July 2, 2011 | 21 Comments


An old truck I found the other day in Seminole Texas. A 1960 KWhopper, with a 15-speed, 400 Cummins Big Cam, Upgraded to Peterbilt air leaf suspension. Cranked this thing, and it blows a lot of black smoke!

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  1. rayestar61497 says:

    my grandma says that thats a lime truck why hasnt it sold yet this dirt though thats been blowing lately it aint so bright everyones cars are COVERED in dirt

  2. jsmitty1974 says:

    @BrodyFarmBoy Yes sir, absolutely!

  3. BrodyFarmBoy says:

    Ahhhh CW Mccall and classic trucks cant get better than that

  4. jsmitty1974 says:

    @NIGHTRIDER995 Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Seen it sitting there just a couple days ago. The phone number is on the truck, in the video.

  5. NIGHTRIDER995 says:

    still for sale?

  6. jsmitty1974 says:

    @feigstrucks Thanks. I’ve got some pretty good video of it here in my channel. Haven’t done any in a while though.

  7. feigstrucks says:

    ps your ride is cool to driver

  8. feigstrucks says:

    man thats a sweet truck i would drive that thing but not to cal thay are crazy out there thanks for the come back driver (feigs trucks)

  9. jsmitty1974 says:

    @feigstrucks He was wanting 60 grand for it, but was willing to negotiate. He has put it back in the barn for now………….as of a few months ago.

  10. feigstrucks says:

    wow i love this truck the green is the same as my pete how much do thay wont for her ????? 60.00 wow need more info

  11. feigstrucks says:

    wow i love this truck the green is the same as my pete how much do thay wont for her ?????

  12. markab71 says:

    haha i have seen this truck several times in semanhole!!

  13. jsmitty1974 says:


    Yeah, and to think it is still for sale in Seminole Texas. Seen it again the other day, and the thing just gives me cold chills every time I see it on the side for sale.



  15. cypry0 says:


  16. skylinevq35 says:

    Beautiful!! I would love this truck for me, but i dnt think the California smog regulations would allow it to run in any highway here

  17. CheyenneBlueHorse says:

    Hope DingleKW sees this …
    what a beauty!!!
    ~ Cheyenne Blue Horse

  18. rustandgrease says:

    Sweet! I would love to just roll around the block once in that thing. Hey, you didn’t stay long enough to make your Petermobile jealous did you?! ;>)

  19. grannymozes says:

    Good Catch!!!!!
    I’m stealing that song!! (insert ear to ear grin)

  20. classic0123456789 says:

    Dang thats very nice!!!

  21. speedyproductions100 says:

    Beautiful truck….5/5!


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