Backup Double Semi Trailer Tractor, # 1

admin | July 16, 2011 | 25 Comments

Show what you do not teach in truck driving school!
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  1. tonyiveco says:

    Check out some videos from Australia.We run B doubles ,B triples two and three trailer road trains as well as quads.Yes we do run bonnetted trucks

  2. Toltecatl says:

    What?!!! It’s a day cab that’s too easy!

    Haha, just joking. That is some very difficult stuff right there. Keep it up man.

  3. matthewleavitt6 says:

    thank god help me how that this double semi tractor trailer!!! this better best video.

  4. aterv206 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to educate me greatly appreciated buddy.
    I keep watching this video with amazment, I wish we had cool trucks like this in the UK.

  5. Wildironhorseman says:

    @aterv206 Thank you for the compliment! The reason is for diversity, there are a lot of tight areas that we deliver to….bark/rock yards dairies, biomass yards… so it gives us the diversity to get into tighter areas with one trailer that you couldn’t get a single long trailer into. Also some times these yards order 2 different products so we can bring them an array of products with one trip, thus for optimizing the fuel off sets and full delivery cost’s.
    I hope this helps!
    Take care.

  6. aterv206 says:

    Great skill, but please could you tell me why some parts of America have these two short trailers instead of one long one?

  7. Wildironhorseman says:

    @raykeens , Thank you! Yes they do get crossed up fast, good thing i’m left handed…

  8. raykeens says:

    dang good job! I didn’t know backing up doubles was possible with having the trailers fold up like an accordion

  9. 1981949 says:

    Something there should teach you in driving school is not to be so hard on the brakes and clutch, and by the way we have ladies in NZ that back up better than that

  10. bern9548 says:

    easy there iltidsn, you dumb queen lovers drive on the wrong side of the road and use nothing but cab overs. sitting on your steer axle you should be able to do this blind.

  11. iltidsn says:

    Thats easy. Look at the size of the yard he had to turn around in. How many shunts forward does he have to take before getting it straight. They do that in Europe in half the space, with pup trailers! Go over there and do the same in the space they use, not some big ass yard. Try the DHL yard in London Colney, just outside London UK. You do that there and then you can say “I can reverse”.

  12. Wildironhorseman says:

    @idnova427 I’m trying to get me sum…When i do i’ll post a vid! Thanks for the comment!

  13. idnova427 says:

    Good job. just one pup trailer is a pain from being so short.
    Next step Triples.

  14. PITBULL35383 says:

    I don’t get it. I see this done with gravel trains daily. It’s not that big of a deal. Sorry.

  15. Wildironhorseman says:

    @unknownsilant Thank you! My Gramps tought me the basics it’s been a trial and alot of errors to get this far….lol! Take care!

  16. unknownsilant says:

    well done, it does take some time to get it right, and to take it slow; over here(Australia) b-doubles are a common site so most of us know how to do it, but to see an American do it without being shown how too, well done mate.

  17. Wildironhorseman says:

    @mikemotorcycle20 Thank you for the kind words, i wish i was much better, if i had a map i wouldn’t have had to learn how to back them up….lol

  18. mikemotorcycle20 says:

    In order to back up doubles u need major tellent.IT take alot of that.Pretty good job. Alot of truckers cant do it.Your very good wildironhorseman.

  19. Wildironhorseman says:

    @JimmTwo LOL…yes Jim i too remember turntable set pins, boy those guys thought they were doing something…lol No table pins here, these are full on Doubles, with the Con gear We break these down every load unless we are at one of these yards that we have the room to maneuver in or the driver can actually pull it off!
    Thank you for the Kind words and boy do i miss the good ole dayz!

  20. JimmTwo says:

    @Wildironhorseman JimmTwo watched and enjoyed all 5 backing videos. Now a question from my past 1980 we installed lock pins on both sides of the pup to help, i see in you video there is none that I can see. we also ran 22′ tandum pup 9 foot spread; lead was 23 triaxle dump w forward lift. goood job JimmTwo

  21. Campbellf86 says:

    good job bud

    I been in no room to turn arround situations before its a bitch. but for a real challenge back up that combination to hook up a third now thats hard.
    P.S those little trailers are harder than our 45 ft ones.

  22. Wildironhorseman says:

    @MrINeedSome Thank you! I backed mostly loaded in to stalls and unloaded our products, years ago i used to back into dairy barns to unload feed, so I’ve done both.

  23. MrINeedSome says:

    Nice job. Now try it loaded.

  24. Wildironhorseman says:

    @tom2093 Thank you!

  25. tom2093 says:

    well done.

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