How do I know if the clutch went out or slave cylinder has failed.?

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question Joey C :.? How do I know if the clutch went out or slave cylinder is not
I replaced the clutch, pressure plate and release bearing in my 93 GMC Sonoma pick-up less than a year. Today my son is driving and it just quit pulling. Truck will start, but it will not go into gear and you can smell a slight smell of burnt clutch material. How to tell if the clutch disc, or perhaps a slave cylinder? Best answer:

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clutch material will not leak fluid, but will rob. Get it checked by a reputable repair facility in the morning.

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  1. dodge man says:

    if it was the slave cylinder you could tell by the feel of the pedal and also by watching to see that it moves in enough to disengage the clutch,and a bad slave cylinder wont leave a burnt smell on one,if you smelled burning clutch then something has went wrong with the clutch or the pressure plate in it,good luck.

  2. billy p says:

    if you cannot change the gears it is the slave?Have you checked the fluid to see if it were low??? this is how you tell,but it is not suppose to stop pulling.if you try to crank the truck in gear it is suppose to jerk,like it is trying to run.if that does not happen you have also burned the clutch up.bleed the slave first to see if it builds up pressure,if it holds pressure it should pull.Then if that does not happen the release bearing probably froze up.somebody is dogging the truck for it to give out that time put heavy duty parts

  3. guess78624 says:

    If clutch not working (engaging) that is bad news!

    I would guess that the spring (usually flat spring) in pressure plate has broken, which no longer puts pressure on facings to hold engaged on clutch plate! I don’t know if this is one,- but a lot of newer clutches come as an “assembly”, and you can not just replace a part,– you have to replace the whole thing,- throwout bearing assembly and all!!

    It is also possible that the throwout bearing has “gone through the clutch spring(s) because bearing seized up and wore out the contact face on pressure plate spring!

    I expect you are going to have to pull out the transmission and visually check all the clutch parts to see what went wrong. It is remotely possible the clutch plate could be ok (if not a assembled unit), and you could just get by with a pressure plate, – but don’t count on it! In any case – while you have it apart replace throwout bearing — even if it appears to be ok! —- you don’t want to be doing this again in 10K or so !

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