Life on the Road: Introduction

admin | July 13, 2011 | 25 Comments

I am an over the road truck driver and at this time to introduce myself and show some clips from the ride.
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  1. texas221 says:

    I am a werner driver been with them for about 2 years
    as a new driver you pobably will make around 20-25k

  2. WiredrawnMurder45 says:

    i know how this guy feels, during the summer before my dad retired from trucking and got into bussing i used to go out with him on every trip, we;d be gone for weeks on end sometimes. he worked for Taylor Transportation in Amherstburg, ON and the day to day stuff truckers have to deal with is nearly nerve-racking. from blown tires and the occasional motor to the ultra narrow traffic filled streets of Chicago. i may have been along for the ride but i felt every delay we had. keep on truckin’ man.

  3. 336kgf says:

    Was that a Volvo or a Detroit engine? I thought you were driving a 13 speed. Just wondering if I was seeing things or not.

  4. TheStratman2011 says:

    I used to drive back in 1992 for CRST. I have also drove for Star out of Morton, Illinois. I’m glad I don’t do it no more. I still like to go to McDonalds right next to the truck stop in our town and watch the rigs come and go. I guess I’ve got that diesel fuel in my blood.

  5. Szaby281 says:

    hy…nice…i`m from Europe(Romania),a truck driver like u….and my dream is to go in U.S. to work there…but is not so easy for me…..

  6. c0xty says:

    Hi all.
    I must say that I am interested in your kind of trucks, the cabin is my interest.
    I am from Europe, Romania, to be more specific. Here, three years ago nobody care about the rest program of truck drivers… in one day (almost 24h) you could make 1200 km, witch in miles will be translated as 750 .
    As tips for the future videos, try to capture on tape all of your trips, on the road using a support for the camera.
    Have safe trips, and watch the others!

  7. ConservativeEyes says:

    Can somebody please educate me about directions? I want to know is a navigation devise allowed in trucks? There are hundreds of miles to cover throughout the U.S., but knowing how to get from point A to B to C and …etc. is not realistic without help; even following a map while driving is not realistic, you could miss an exit or a turn. Thus, how does a company teach its drivers to navigate from point to point without getting lost?

  8. sundayboy83 says:

    Hey man, thanks for taking the time to put this out for us. One question I have is about pay. Is it realistic to be making 45K in my first year driving solo?! I’m getting different answers depending on who’s video I watch and what forum I visit.

    What sorts of things do you recommend to buy in order to make life in the truck more tolerable? Thanks again.

  9. sixtysguy says:

    I like what you are doing, I was over the road a long time ago and am thinking of going back. I would suggest you show how and why you slide the tandums and the fifth wheel and how to adjust the brakes. My trainer wanted me for my logbook and did not teach me shit. I would like to know how the new log rules are affecting you, do you do more drop and hooks to keep you from sitting on the dock? Thanks for posting these they are a help.

  10. deshanteb100 says:

    Hey Mat!! think this is really positive feed back to those who want to go into the field of truck driving, why dont u showcae that pay check!!

  11. AJ72407 says:

    hey whats up man I think yor vids are cool drive safe out there my question is about how much can a new driver make with no experience thanks

  12. festiva13216 says:

    keep it up man i appreciate all you do for this country. i got out of the national tractor trailer school about 6 months ago where i got my cdl and they even recommend doing what u are to keep sane lol. KEEP ON TRUCKIN’

  13. rotiland says:

    Great video keep posting them

  14. jarrett1123 says:

    nice man i know you probobialy dont have much time to do many videos but the ones you have up are great and keep up the great work

  15. kokoko6000 says:

    good work keep going

  16. atomicfischer says:

    i notice you are with Watkin Shepard, are you out of Missoula, MT?

  17. atomicfischer says:

    i notice you drive for watkin shepard, are you out of Missoula, MT?

  18. cipmars says:

    Good luck with your vids, man. It’s the first time I’ve watched your vids and I like what I’m seeing. Another sub for you.

  19. ichbindarren says:

    I like your videos Matt, keep up the great work man!

  20. MrHotforhoneys16 says:

    watkins shepard….where was this garbaage place at?

  21. BrandonKY81 says:

    Good Video ! I’m just getting into it .

  22. twistedsledder says:

    Can u show the engine ,checking the oil, engine coolant etc. also the fueling of the tractor thanks

  23. propitium says:

    I like your videos. They show the real thing, how its really is. Do you have a special truck gps? Drive safe!

  24. armyqb23 says:

    Real Nice Man, I like the backin up part to… good camerawork….

  25. marcoss22002 says:

    Do you happen to be out of Loveland? I have been to Johnson’s Corner alot.

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