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When I put chains on a tire of passenger car, or I get behind the wheel and drive the car on the entire chain, then attach the haut.Je see drivers to install chains after the wheels lost traction.Est there a way to install new kind of tire chains? Best answer:

by Larry E
They put the chain up on the tire and then it gives traction to drive up on it.If they go up the hill they put the chain behind the tire and backup on it.

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  1. JetDoc says:

    Chains for heavy trucks are designed so they can be installed without jacking up the tire or moving the truck. Once installed, a series of cams built into the chains are turned to tighten the chains against the tire, and bungees are used to take up the remaining slack.

  2. J J says:

    I think you will fine that the chain is put on very loosely connecting them at the bottom and what you don’t see on TV is if they leave them on they tighten them as soon as they can. As long as they are not going around turns there is no reason for the chain to need to be tight most times it will stay on.

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