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rate, comment and subscribe! This is basically (as the title suggests) the melting of GH! I used the clip from 02/12/09 of GH and just added the names! I’m working on one with all the actors of different characters (like Carly Jacks Corrithos {Sarah Brown (years) Tamara Braun (years) Laura Wright (years)} like that). I hope you enjoy! (Features: Max and Milo Giambetti ~ Derk and Drew Cheetwood Diane Miller ~ Carolyn Hennesy Mac Scorpio ~ John J. York Nancy Lee Grahn Alexis Davis ~ ~ Patrick Drake Jason Thompson Kimberly McCullough Robin Scorpio ~ ~ Ethan Lovett Nathan Parsons Lisa Niles ~ Julie Mond Coleman Radcliffe ~ Blake Gibbons Luke Spencer Tracy Quartermaine ~ ~ Anthony Geary Jane Elliot Lulu Spencer Julie Berman Dominic Perelli ~ / ~ Dominic Dante Falconara Zamprogna Johnny Zaccharie Olivia Barash Brandon ~ ~ Lisa Lo Cicero Falconara Corrithos Carly Jacks ~ Laura Wright Maurice Benard Sonny Corrinthos ~ ~ Jason Morgan Steve Burton Kelly Monaco Sat McCall ~ Nikolas Cassadine ~ Tyler Christopher, Ron Hale Mike Corbin ~ ~ Megan Ward Kate Howard Michael Drew Garrett Corrinthos ~ Kristina ~ Lexi Ainsworth Corrithos Davis Anna Devane Scorpio ~ ~ Finola Hughes Jerry Jacks Sebastian Roché Ronnie Dimestico ~ Ronnie Marmo Jasper “Jax” Jacks ~ Ingo Rademacher Josselyn Jacks ~ Baby Morgan Corrithos Aaron Davis Refvem Molly Lansing Pullos ~ Alexis ~ Sonya Eddy Epiphany Johnson Matt Hunter ~ Jason Cook Elizabeth Webber Rebecca Herbst lucky ~ ~ Jonathon Jackson Spencer Maxie Jones Kirsten ~ Damian Spinelli ~ Storms Bradford Anderson Monica Quartermaine
Video Note: 5 / 5

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  1. EeyoreBensonStabler says:

    @crocetti46 Um. I do not know, I got all the years and stuff from Wikipedia, and according to that his first appearance was on Valentines Fay of 1991.. But it may be wrong, so I may be wrong.. I honestly do not know, lol sorry :/

  2. crocetti46 says:

    just askin,didnt mac start out in the early 80′s?

  3. EeyoreBensonStabler says:

    @JustinRebeccaFan Oh, okay.. I just started watching the show in 2009 and so I was just following what it said on Wikipedia, my bad!

  4. JustinRebeccaFan says:

    Johnny came to gh 2007 not 2005…

  5. EeyoreBensonStabler says:

    @BrooksMelissa Thank you!

  6. BrooksMelissa says:

    This Was Nice

  7. ilovebrandonbarash says:

    @EeyoreBensonStabler omg thank you so much. i’ve been lookin for this song forrrrever!!!

  8. EeyoreBensonStabler says:

    @ilovebrandonbarash The first song, where it has the clips of all the people is Smile by Ryan Webster, then the second song where it is pictures is Hey Now by Augustana. You have to watch the whole video

  9. ilovebrandonbarash says:

    i looked up hey now by augustana and this isnt the song.

  10. EeyoreBensonStabler says:

    @deaarrion Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  11. deaarrion says:


  12. joanaduarte8500 says:

    o gui é mesmo engraçado, procurou o tomas debaixo da mesa 10:03

  13. missrebelde1 says:

    o empurrao da lisa lol demais, bem feito pa vicky

  14. MissSaraBG says:

    02:53 nao 03;53

  15. MissSaraBG says:

    o Tomas caiu na merda mas teve sorte k stor Sebastiao ta sempre la pra resolver

    a Lisa deu o grande empuro na Vicky ela teve kuase pa voar 03:53

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