Sony Ericsson ELM J10i J10i2 Rozbieranie naprawa disassembly – re-fix the film

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for you guys.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


Video review of Motorola Blackflip AT & T First Andorid smarthone on AT & T has MOTOBLUR software, 5 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touch screen. It has a unique design and is compact. Other features include GPS, which works with Google Maps and the AT & T Navigator, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. To read our full review, visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. LadyLennon93 says:

    Great thanks!!!!

  2. DaStifty says:

    Thank you for your great Video. TOOOP

  3. fundoneinlondon says:

    wonderful, helped me replace my lcd screen

  4. transexualtoothfairy says:

    Thank you for helping me, I managed to repair my broken glass thanks to you, a lot of love !

  5. transexualtoothfairy says:

    what about the numbers plate ?

  6. redneckmumbles says:

    @MOFO1234100 how much does it cost?

  7. redneckmumbles says:

    @johnnyboy26365 and u wonder why no one has gave u a thumbs up.

  8. redneckmumbles says:

    this phone is awesome, how much does it cost?

  9. johnnyboy26365 says:

    Horrible phone thats why its DISCONTINUED

  10. philjoydsilva says:

    goood review..!

  11. autumnxsmiles says:

    how much is an unlimited plan, for 2 people, talk,text&web, thanks. :)

  12. MOFO1234100 says:

    This is a great phone!!! I owe one and I love it to death :)

  13. j0shtalgia says:

    For the love of god do not buy a phone with Motoblur, it is the most atrocious piece of software in the world. If you forget your password the Forgot Password? link doesn’t work. Then you call their customer service department and they give you some bullshit runaround answer that they are performing maintenance on the system and tell you to wait 24 hours and try again.

    Meanwhile your phone will be completely locked down and you won’t be able to use it!

  14. dramaaderhot2 says:

    @MobileTechReview do you think you could buy me one lol justkidding

  15. Texarmageddon says:

    @Earthbound64 looks like an angry rant. im assuming you didn’t like this

  16. Texarmageddon says:

    @bconover93 Because this phone sucks compared to either one.

  17. Texarmageddon says:

    @azndragon456 they won’t let you get it without a data plan.. You have to purchase it with a data plan or you can’t get the phone.

  18. fabrojerilynn says:

    Hi, I have a backflip phone and sum if my friends would always want to Bluetooth music to them but wer ever I looked to find out how to Bluetooth music to my friends I can’t find it so I’m always wondering wer to go nd Bluetooth musics to other ppl or relatives or friends… so I hope u kno nd can help me out :)

  19. azndragon456 says:

    If I get the backflip, can it still function without data plan?

  20. azndragon456 says:

    MobileTechReview: Is backflip Like an Iphone where you get apps?

  21. GossipJuliet says:

    If u has to chose beteween backfil and cliq/dext. Which one would u chose?

  22. bconover93 says:

    @shawnjr100 it is google!! it upgraded to 2.1 in november!

  23. mrbrandog710 says:

    Yes it is I have the backflip

  24. Tuxo113 says:

    Is the Facebook and email free?

  25. nomiozz says:

    @senorseis66 up to 32 GB

  26. Earthbound64 says:

    Liebe YOUTUBER:
    Kauft euch NICHT dieses sog. “Smartphone”!!!!! Es ist ein SCHEIß fabriziertes MINDERWERTIGES Handy, welches VOLLKOMMEN veraltet ist=>

    Es gibt in EUROPA garkeinen ANDROID Updates, sprich, ihr BLEIBT FÜR IMMER auf der 1.5 Version, die zum Teil GROB fehlerhaft ist!

    AKKU Wackelkontakt: Das Handy schaltet sich ab und zu EINFACH so ab und ist EXTREM lästig!
    Die TOUCHSCREEN Funktion ist LOW Shit Qualität, 100fach Schlechter als Iphone Touchscreen!

  27. nathantinwing000 says:

    But an iphone near it.

  28. gtafan94 says:

    If only it had Nokia Ovi maps…

  29. manda13hottopic says:

    wait. cant i use it prepaid?

  30. Rythmbot says:

    @Corerrai that’s what it’s called, dude

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