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thetractortrailerbook.com learn as the gears shift into a tractor-trailer
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Truckers are the heartbeat of America – music by Ray Carlisle (The Heart Beat) The Heartbeat of America is not a pick-up! A Native American beat

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  1. yutubedude951 says:

    @Prancingwolf7 The hacthes on the top are for filling the different compartments of the tanker and the tubes on the bottom are for emtying

  2. Prancingwolf7 says:

    @jimscee Well, I dug in the depths of the internet last night and found a small Wikipedia page discussing various tanker designs. Turns out the number of hatches on top relates to the number of compartments inside the tanker itself. It allows multiple grades of gasoline to be carried to the station in the same trip.

    It’s pretty hard to find info online about tankers.

  3. jimscee says:

    @Prancingwolf7 Sorry but I’ve never hauled a tanker, and I’ve never even read the book on them to get the endorsement on my license. I know there are many different ones that hold different type liquids so a hatch on the top might be for different reasons depending on what’s in it. Maybe a tanker driver out there can reply to this.

  4. Prancingwolf7 says:

    I got a question about a feature in tankers. What are the 3 or 4 hatches on top for? Are they to get inside the tanker for maintenance? Is the tanker actually divided into 3 or 4 sections to reduce sloshing? And what are those tubes on the side for? Are they to fill the tanker?

  5. 34jaxx says:

    Excellent video Jimmy,I’d been looking for something like this years ago when I was first learning to drive stick.I’m hoping your an instructor somewhere,the trucking world “REALLY” needs more people like you,keep up the great work!

  6. GT5hotlaps says:

    i just learned how to drive a tractor trailer! now all i need is a tractor trailer.

  7. thatkidinthegreenhat says:

    If the trailer weighs under 10,001lbs. As it reads of my Class A. Class: A-Combination vehicles with GVWR of 26,001lbs or more provided towed vehicle is 10,001 lbs or more. GVWR meaning Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

  8. fatdrunkstupid78 says:

    ok tim ty My bad though you said jim. Next question for you a tractor trailer. Without the trailer can a person with a class B cdl drive the truck? can you pull trailers with a class b cdl if you dont go over the weight limit?

  9. TimS532 says:

    @fatdrunkstupid78 Im not Jim, but yes that is the same shift patter, but in a 10 speed you go back in “low” gear in high range

  10. fatdrunkstupid78 says:

    Is that the same as a ten speed? The shift pattern jim

  11. jimk4131 says:

    I love your videos.Everything that you show is easy to understand.Keep them coming.

  12. SUPAKING25 says:

    Hey do you have to push the clutch in every time you down shift ?

  13. SUPAKING25 says:

    @jimscee ok I appreciate it…

  14. jimscee says:

    @SUPAKING25 No, it just looks that way in the diagram. It’s actually the same position that you were in for 1st.

  15. SUPAKING25 says:

    when shifting from 4 th to 5th do you push the gear stick futher up then when you did in first gear?

  16. truckerFG says:

    Thanks, this will really help, when I go with my dad to work on Saturdays he sometimes puts me to drive his truck and connect trailers , i just what to do it right, and I know that there are a lot of truckers who give some grief but lets just say I am still in high school. By the way, 5 stars on your book, excellent info.

  17. jimscee says:

    @truckerFG I drive a 10 speed KW now. The first gears barely get the truck moving. Roughly, 1st-0-2mph, 2nd-2-4, 3rd-4-7, 4th-7-10, 5th-10-15, 6th-15-20, 7th-20-25, 8th-25-35, 9th-35-50, 10th-50+. But if you have to look that close you won’t be able to see where you’re going. Find a good gear for doing typical things like making a turn at an intersection. And listen to the engine. 1500 rpm is good for my truck to shift up, and I can tell by listening when it gets there.

  18. truckerFG says:

    i know that in your book you say that you drive a 9 speed, do you know what gear is good for what speed, like 1 st gear is from 0-5 mph I believe, so that when I am in neutral traveling forward I know to rev the engine and select _ gear, the truck that im using to practice is a 10 speed, would really appreciate it.

  19. bolerolover3 says:


  20. maggotsretards says:

    @RyanS6759 well it is 9 years old and it has alittle over 800000 miles, and my dad tends to push the truck a little to hard so maybe that is the problem, thanks

  21. RyanS6759 says:

    @maggotsretards there are sychronizers in the tranny that go bad when they do it causes hard shifts does his truck have alot of miles is it old? and try bumping the throttle while you are pushing the shift lever that helps get thing s[inning

  22. RyanS6759 says:

    @maggotsretards there are sychronizers in the tranny that go bad when they do it causes hard shifts does his truck have alot of miles is it old?

  23. MEADOWSracing78 says:

    Im 15 years old, and i was wanting to be a mechanic. But ive been thinkin… would anyone suggest a carrer as a truck driver? My dad has been a truck driver/mechanic almost all his life. I just need some help deciding?

  24. DBTogetherForever says:

    @maggotsretards it could be that, that particular gear is worn down from just standard, normal mechanical use or the bearings are wearing down. Although i am not a mechanic, i always try to help a fellow driver. Hope that somewhat helps and safe travels.

  25. Nataliaa13B says:

    Gonna drive´╗┐ some Big Rigs Tonight! Sick!! looks hard tho.. but Ill catch on it easy..

  26. ih8gordan says:

    bought my first Ray Carlisle cd at walcot iowa 80 chrome shop in 1997 w ore it out bought another in amarillo at the petro, bought his second cd wore it out as well ,i am so glad he is still puttin them out an still makin damm good music !!!!!! keep up the good work ray your music have kept me awake through allot of long hauls an have really enjoyed the jokes. its good to have someone who is a driver an understands us an can make us laugh ,about the crap we have to put up with

  27. mynewemail44 says:

    Good video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. cursedjeeper says:

    @mom2kandz North America please don’t forget about Canada

  29. shadowalker28128 says:

    hey tarheel the trucking bozo is dale simmers out of ocala florida….

  30. shadowalker28128 says:

    tarheel Dave memo is not the trucking bozo… that’s dale sommers

  31. tarheel1069 says:


  32. namlessism says:

    order the cd for your self hes got great stand up too :D

    i dunno if this counts a spam but really if you dont wanna see good music die support people´╗┐ google ray carlisle


  33. rebelfighterace says:

    10-4 and roll on

  34. tattoodtruckr says:

    Dave Nemo plays this god awful song at least 100 times a week.i wonder how long it took to come up with the beat and loop it over and over..

  35. lostnomoor says:

    I have been Hearing this song on Road Dog Trucking. I finally found a song that describes what we do! Thanks Ray! God Bless you! I hope this song gets to the mainstream.

  36. peterbiltroy says:

    My thoughts….and about EVERY TRUCK DRIVERS THOUGHTS.

  37. 2late801 says:

    Awesome song .If all the trucks stopped for 2 days people would realize what they actually do.
    Good job ray Thanks

  38. Camry173 says:

    i’ve never seen railroad track’s back in a wal mart. so thank a truck driver. it’s not cool if your chrome dont shine. thank’s ray , ditchdigger-al

  39. slimjrh66 says:

    Helluva a good song Ray…

  40. ActrosMe says:

    Well I’m an old gal that lives in the UK. Love trucks and have my own trucking group. this is one good song, says it all. Well done Ray.

  41. unclebubba1984 says:

    Love this video!! I’ve been a driver for 25 years and I’ve literally been around trucks since the day I was born!! They ought to play this on CMT or at least air it somewhere!!

  42. ChokalitKitty says:

    **THANK YOU, RAY**
    Most people don’t have a clue what it takes or what we do. Thanks for this.

  43. honeybaby000111 says:

    it should be called heartbeat of the WORLD!!! evry country needs them

  44. wolfganghampson says:

    Everything in that song is true xcept the part where the trucker will turn back if ur introuble.. Maybe about 8% of us will do that and I’m one of them..

    The bretherin of truckers is falling apart at an extream rate and it sickens me..
    I’v been drvn for 7 yrs and I still enjoy it. My “C.B. Handle is STR8TJKT. Hallr at me if u here me out in DX land. K138 outta st,louis. Over and out

  45. bulldogford says:

    passin thru hows it going havent talked to you in a long time. way back in OKC at the j, I dorve for Air ride in that ol 95 pete

  46. hicktown13 says:

    @makingoodvideos around 4:36 to 5:00 makes miss my dad the most. hbu

  47. hicktown13 says:

    this should be fetured on youtube! everyone needs to hear this

  48. PassinThru101 says:

    How do you think all the material it takes to make them products get delivered to the manufacture?

  49. billbejina says:

    true but also without fuel food and clothing america would also stop.all of those products are made by man,they are only hauled by trucks.however,without urine bottles and brownie bags america wouldnt stop but it would definetly slow down

  50. mom2kandz says:

    Great song. Without trucks, America stops.

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