Paving Hwy 37

admin | August 20, 2011 | 27 Comments

asphalt plant to be installed on Highway 37, August 2007

A few trucks on the Hume Highway.
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  1. godsgift2drums says:

    you need more of the lab people : )

  2. cuzzizzle says:

    nice music

  3. cj382 says:

    That company with the green and yellow trucks, “Toll” must be big down there, I seen one here in the states last week for the first time. I never heard of them until I started watching vids from down under.

  4. puppet6475II says:

    @AussiePegasus watched your B-Dub video..nice mate…ok, get a good size tripod that will mount to a camera that has flash memory..i.e no hard drive with working parts….get some occy/bungy cords and tie it all down on top of the engine cover, about where you would put your fridge, in the middle….digital cams are cheap as chips these days and with “HD” not like what I was using here, give it a go mate…look forward to your videos

  5. AussiePegasus says:

    Nice vid mate, some familiar scenes and a very familiar dashboard there for me :) Quick question: what’s the setup you’ve got to hold the camera? I do the Hume pretty regularly and would like to get some more vids up on youtube. I’ve got one up now but had to get a friend to hold the camera for me.
    Cheers mate and drive safe.

  6. dogmader says:

    Greetings´╗┐ from Croatia,,

  7. milldabeast519 says:

    @tritty84 yea we do the highbeam thing in canada. but not the left right blinker if anything ppl use there 4 ways 2 times. and rarely people do that.

  8. tritty84 says:

    @milldabeast519 When a truck over takes another truck when it is clear the driver who has been over taken gives the other driver the all clear to merge using the high beam then the other driver thanks the other with a left right left right blinker usually depending on the driver

  9. Djsrichgirl says:

    This video is amazing i am trying to gain my truck licence so i can drive them one day

  10. milldabeast519 says:

    whats this left right left right blinking shit they do when they pass. whats this trucker language i see here?!

  11. TheWaggaBloke says:

    lmao @ aussitruck, I’m hear’en ya mate lol….

  12. puppet6475II says:

    @Theoscense1 Thank you mate…

  13. puppet6475II says:

    @RedtailFox1 Yep K104

  14. RedtailFox1 says:

    What are you driving? Kenworth?

  15. Rodakgreen says:

    feels like I’m ridin shotgun, I could fall asleep so easily here.

  16. Theoscense1 says:

    Awesome video

  17. puppet6475II says:

    @kenmex03 Thanks kenmex

  18. puppet6475II says:

    @truckernacion Thank you Alberto

  19. puppet6475II says:

    @blackdog6au thanks blackdog, nah I haven’t make any new vids for a while, but thinking to get back into it, so stay tuned, pulling a single at the moment….I was doing double work in this vid…

  20. puppet6475II says:

    @hitchhiker38 thanks mate…

  21. hitchhiker38 says:

    Nice bit of cam work there guy, enjoyed watchin’ it very much.
    Thanks for posting.

  22. blackdog6au says:

    Fantastic video’s have you made any more lately .Also are ya pulling single or double

  23. truckernacion says:

    good friend video, beautiful roads.

    Greetings from Spain.


  24. kenmex03 says:

    fantastic video mate, love the music. In Mexico the most we pull is two 53 foot trailers which are illegal. Legally we can only haul two 40 foot trailers. I have a great respect for those gearjammers “down unda” God Bless and “Keep on Truckin”

  25. hotkiwiboy says:

    nice vid bro, see ya up the road

  26. hotkiwiboy says:

    nice vid bro, see ya up the road

  27. britdemo says:

    all the wayin oz n you stilll flash a driver in ….says thanks with the indicators awsome .

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