Pure Love (49 days) episode 3 part 5 of 6 Eng. Sub.

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Ji-Hyun looks perfect of storybook. Her parents adore her and her friends all seem to admire. Ji-Hyun is engaged to marry her fiance Min-Ho, a few days. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung is a woman who is completely confused over her life after her boyfriend died in an accident, and is often considered suicide. She works the night shift in a convenient storage while naps. On the fateful day, Yi-Kung getting off the bus and wander around. Then it is located in front of a busy street and trying to commit suicide by walking into oncoming traffic. At that time, someone saved my life by pulling her back. At this point, Ji-Hyun, who was driving nearby, hitting his breaks but could not avoid a semi-trailer truck that stopped halfway. Seconds later, Ji-Hyun out of his car dizzy. She was shocked to see his body being carted away in an ambulance. The only person who seems to see its position in the way a man on a motorcycle. Man is the motorcycle Scheduler – angel of species that are expected to take souls to their final destinations. Ji-Hyun is my body in the ambulance and watches as paramedics tried to revive his body. At the hospital, Ji-Hyun meets Scheduler again. Scheduler Ji-Hyun said that if three people (besides my family) really shed tears over her condition within the next 49 days, your body to wake up from her coma and she can live again. Ji-Hyun immediate thoughts

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  1. Mckanely says:

    Download and Watch 49 days complete Episodes Here


    Please do share and repost this in FB or Twitter thanks, happy viewing

  2. MrGodrose says:

    what is the song played in the movie?

  3. funky2mae says:

    hey wheres the part 6 of episode 2..tsk tsk tsk…..i missed it!!!!

  4. funky2mae says:

    pity of ji hyuns,betrayed by her fiancee and close friend……

  5. tsukushi11 says:

    the song at 4:24 sounds like i love you so :) but it’s in korean ver.

  6. sunblaze says:

    WTF is wrong with the subs? all of a sudden i could not understand its english!!

  7. CORHENE says:

    if i have ji hyun’s phone, I will press the emergency button everytime. LOL. Then that cute guy will come right away!!!

  8. iluvmyworld13 says:

    ang cute cute ni ji hyun ahahaha nung sinabi ni scheduler na tatawagin na niya ang elevator

  9. bethyful02 says:

    It’s a very nice story, i really love to watch it every night at ABS-CBN Channel here in Phillippines.. Nice Phone Super Hightech ah hahaha.. Beautiful Ji-Hyun

  10. aberose09 says:

    like this movie..

  11. maxloonglovedaryl says:

    The scheduler can rape me anytime

  12. akanishi0504 says:

    nice cellphone! when you throw it, it will go back again to its original place! sugoii!

  13. xUaiLLe23 says:

    i like that cellphone…h

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