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RoadHawk RH-1 recorder is supplied car fleet owners insurance towergate. After installation, the camera records on a constant loop, the direction of travel videos, as well as GPS data such as speed and location. Towergate Insurance to provide RoadHawk RH-1 camera to all owners of their small fleet policy to reduce the deduction for cash and other disorders of claims.

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  1. j2091957 says:

    Hi Sandra, it’s about time somebody kept an eye on you and your driving, all women concrete mixer drivers should be banned. lol.

  2. julianbrunt says:

    @downfader2 – Do you really believe so?
    Insurance = legalised theft, I am sure they would examine all the footage and try and squirm their way out of it.
    Anyway, on the ‘big brother’ copmment, watch V for Vendetta I believe this kind of thing is step 1

  3. sludgeguts says:

    @downfader2 If ‘they’ wanted to, they could already track you. There was a case of a driver being caught out for speeding as his mobile ‘pinged’ various cells/towers on his route. He had an accident, his speed was questioned 7 when they checked his mobile provider it gave him away.

  4. sludgeguts says:

    @julianbrunt Watch your satnav – the speed it shows is rarely the speed on your speedo, there is generally a time lag for it to catch up, this sytem is no different.
    What it does do, however, is provide indesputable evidence of gross stupidity.
    If you own a fleet of trucks, are you happy to have your name associated with moron drivers?

  5. downfader2 says:

    Except in this case you are the big brother. This is about protecting you as a driver and nothing else.

    Ofcourse there may be a time in the future where a black box style recorder is fitted to vehicles that drivers have no access to the data on it. I think we’re so far away from that its not worth worrying about.

  6. julianbrunt says:

    Big brother is watching all of you!!!
    Going to be hooked into the police soon, if you go 1mph over the speed limit, go over a line anything you gonna be done for it by computer which only knows rules as a yes or no.

  7. MrJonnyJones says:

    Wicked, great work Mark + Co. !!

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