Agenda 21 Alert::: Obama to call for $ 53B high-speed rail on Monday!

admin | November 15, 2011 | 11 Comments

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  1. vechorik says:

    @MarsBar2012 Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate I’ve heard speak against Agenda 21. All the candidates are mute on the subject. Some people from BOTH parties have bought into the idea of global government. The occupiers in Wall Street have called for it. It’s real — and it’s coming fast — the destruction of the American Constitution! (Good luck “Democrats Agains UN Agenda 21″ keep up the good work!)

  2. JakeBlakeProject says:

    Looks like Cloward/Piven on steroids to me. The truth might set you free unless your name happens to be Soetorobama, then it might get you a federal prison sentence. Oh well, it’s only bankruptcy until they pull the plug on sovereignty. The cover-up continues. No traitor should go unpunished. check my enlightening vids

  3. TheJm8284 says:

    Great job, keep up the good work. If you look into this high speed rail, is to be built by Chinese ( at least the components). Also, Free Trade Zones, also Chinese, Corporations here in US? Are we the next $3 a day labor?

  4. hplaserjet2001 says:

    The amount of debt created by George Bush Jr and his administration by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve (private foreign owned bank) is almost equal to the debt created by all presidents combined prior to Bush Jr.

    Debt created by Obama by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve (private foreign bank) will surpass Bush Jr.

  5. ChristLikeness100 says:

    Isn’t it amazing! Guess where else this happened? Germany. Guess who was in charge at the time road and building projects were announced, planned and undertaken? Go on. Guess…

  6. wichywoo says:

    something is coming down the pike guy’s , i dont know what but something is not right , not just in the usa but throughout the world . my intuition,commonsense and 6th sense are screaming at me right now .

  7. evpointfinder says:

    Nothing is face value anymore. All money has gone elsewhere for the last couple of years. And everything they say they are going to do, the opposite happens. Bail-outs creating more debt and more foreclosures and more job losses. While select BANKERS and MORTGAGE companies are recording all time profits. I think the money is being used fund and to stock up the elite underground bunkers and to provide them with “THEIR” safety areas around the planet.

  8. ChristiannaGarrett1 says:

    Interesting! Thankyou.

  9. ImatvapI says:

    Which is bogus; The high speed rail system of the near future, or the utter collapse of society(possibly caused by a magnetic and physical pole shift)?

  10. soyevelyn says:

    @MarsBar2012 Yes there is something brewing right now!

  11. MarsBar2012 says:

    Yeah, this sounds fishy to me also. They need the money for something else. I think its more like a high-speed DERAIL project to control information maybe? We heard that Rothschild invested quite a bit of money to control space and weather news. May be fishy stuff for most, but not for me. They need to make sure people are left in the dark so they can go and hide safely when the time comes…

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