Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (3D model) [720]

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Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment uses a large permanent magnet to produce a strong magnetic field (~ 0.14 Tesla), despite the large number of ~ 1m ³. Magnetic field to bend paths of charged cosmic particles passing through five different types of detectors. • The transition radiation detector (TRD) measures particles around at almost the speed of light. • time of flight (TOF) measure and charge transfer rate of particles. • Silicon Tracker measures the coordinates of charged particles in a magnetic field. • Ring Image Cherenkov Counter (rich) measures the speed and particle charge. • electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) measures the energy of electrons and positrons coordinates and gamma radiation. AMS also uses two star trackers and GPS. With more than 300,000 data channels, the detector collects an extremely large amount of data that is then processed and sent to Earth using the ISS power and data communication infrastructure. Credit: NASA Source:
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discovery of the cave after a few Vault searching.We had coordinates and maps, compass, GPS, etc.We the ropes, climbing equipment, cameras, and a damn good time! We did not go away (not too big to fit …), and photos of equipment we do not endorse photos.We better off entering your cave or old mine workings, these videos are just for fun. Never enter a cave without proper equipment and experience, and at least 1 person with you.Theres always someone better than you or I, who died in cave entrances.
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  1. acewing24 says:

    at 4: 50 ish is that a wooden post wedged in ? or just a tree or branch that got lodged in by nature ?

  2. gwuckins says:

    You cannot do that.The cave is not a verticle shaft,it has levels and such from the fracturing,and pieces of rock that have fallen in make ledges.We might be heading there to check it out a little more (maybe this weekend-Sunday) let me know if you are interested.

  3. gixxerracing says:

    @gwuckins 9028241693. i do not intend to actually enter the cave. im thinking of lowering a light a camera down with a 1km roll of twine i have.

  4. gwuckins says:

    And yes folks,im now thin enough to fit inside!

  5. gwuckins says:

    @gixxerracing Shoot me a phone number or check out East Coast Adventure and Explore on Facebook.As a responsible caver,I will come with you to the spot,as it has the potential to be deadly,with some decent lights and such.I do not give out locations to the general public as a rule.

  6. gixxerracing says:

    great video, i spent the day today up searching with no luck. i was hoping you might be able to point me in the
    right direction!?

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