Blackfly Song

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“in early spring when I decide to go to work in the woods in North Ontar-IO and the unemployment office said they would send me to the Little Abitibi with the survey crew and black flies, the little black flies Always black fly no matter where you go, I will die with black flies pickin my bones in North Ontar-ioio in North Ontar-IO. And the man Black Toby was the captain of the crew and he said I’ll tell you guys what we will do: They want to build a dam for power, we must find a way to make a little Ab flow otherwise Black flies small black flies, black flies Always no matter where you go, I will die with the black fly -pickin my bones, In North Ontar-ioio in North Ontar-Yo. So we study the East, exploring the West, can not make our minds how to do it best, Little Ab, Little Ab, what to do? I’m all but going crazy with the survey crew and black flies, black flies Always small black fly no matter where you go, I will die with black fly-pickin my bones in North Ontar ioio, in North Ontar-IO . Blackfly, blackfly, everywhere, A-crawlin “in mustache, crawlin in your hair; Swimmin in the soup, swimmin” tea, and the devil blackfly, let me be. Black flies small black flies Always the black fly no matter where you go, I will die with the black fly pickin my bones in North Ontar-ioio in North Ontar-IO. Black Toby fell to swearin
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  1. Pichustrikesback says:

    @johnny4smith Ohh yeah, I have been fan of Richard Condie’s work since I first saw The Apprentice. Terrific animations at the NFB

  2. Pichustrikesback says:

    This is awesome! Thanks a lot for posting the lyrics, I’ve always wanted to know what Wade was saying but the song is too fast and my english bad and I could not catch. It even made me want to go to the northern Ontario to experiment in real life what the song is about ;)

  3. frs24ru says:

    Greetings from Siberia ;)

  4. CrazzyOntarian says:

    I’m so Canadian Even my Blood Cell are RED and WHITE, and I’ll bet Mr. Hemsworths were too! Fantastic song, Thank You so very much for posting the video to go along with it Holtyre :D

  5. michelledawnxoxo says:

    Awesome song
    So Canadian, so awesome, so true

  6. Luckystar8088 says:

    This is one of the best songs of all time.

  7. Bednesti38 says:

    Canada for the win!

  8. Bednesti38 says:


  9. ShawnaSmoke says:

    Oh my GAWD I sing this song like, at least once a week, ever since i was a kid, but I havent seen this in YEARRSS! I cant believe how well we can remember songs from being a kid >.<

  10. johnny4smith says:

    If you like this, you definitely have to watch The Big Snit. Classic Canadian animation!

  11. itisblart says:

    ahhhhh canada :)

  12. MrGbroderick says:

    theme to my childhood at camp

    its pretty fun to sing this with other Canadians in different countries .. unity !

  13. brickarmsbattles says:

    I watched this for years.:) Never gets old.

  14. bravedogg says:

    I come here alot to watch the polar bear on the violin. The best solo ever.

  15. SirDamienGrieves says:

    AWESOME!! this is the best vid I have watched in a looong time, just a great song and video

  16. roofpirates says:

    oh my god I miss home :(

  17. RetroCaptain says:

    Good day
    Yes those nasty little buggers crawl in your ears
    & BITE!
    Thanks for posting this!

  18. Lookup108776 says:

    all i can say is lol, and amazing animation

  19. orlando108 says:

    this song scared me when i was little D:

  20. RavenandSparrow13 says:

    @blue1cows Finnaly someone who understands!!! lol I got so scared and my brother would always make fun of me :( Did it have to show them eat that guy :O that freaked me out the most! Now I find it funny :D

  21. blue1cows says:

    @RavenandSparrow13 ikr i was in grd 2 wen i saw this and it scared me to death

  22. RavenandSparrow13 says:

    I remember seeing this when I was very little and I was terrifyed cause I thought that balck flys were gonna eat me :O

  23. KatieScheper says:

    hitchhiking across Northern Ontario in the early 1970s I got to meet those big black flies.

  24. MountainQueen says:

    I live in North Ontario and yes, those black flies are annoying! Hahaha great animation I remember seeing it when I was little

  25. Matkaizer08 says:

    Damn! those are some mean ass flies

  26. fernandezbeast says:

    @tanner511 where do u live mate, it shouldnt be that expensive,talk to your nearest recruting office,btw this is my MOS, it seems chill,well good luck.HOOAH!!!

  27. tanner511 says:

    i wanna do this but my family cant afford to get me my license what do i do????

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