George Carlin – Airplane Safety

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George Carlin talks about safety lecture boarded a plane ride. including their own way to get off the plane in case of emergency, and, among other things – the way the seat belt works! – In a sense, he saved my life. Thank you, George Carlin. ***************************************** **** ************************************* Part 3 Taken from the 1992 HBO special: “Jammin” in New York “and Tracklist 1. rockets and penises in the Persian Gulf – 7:35 2. little things – 7:47 3. Airline Messages – 16:42 4. Golf Courses for the Homeless – 11:13 5. The planet is fine – 13 : 37 ************************************ *** some links to full-length documentary “The Corporation” “war against third world” “hidden inside job”, a documentary by Charles Ferguson about the structure and characters behind the financial crisis. I absolutely must see. vimeo. com “press for truth” “Denial stops here” “Iron Triangle – Carlyle Group, Exposed” “Zeitgeist addition”
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  1. mickeykomtra says:

    George should have been president!

  2. luvgirlsfeet says:

    144 people didnt like this for they are probably flight attendants :) I however do work for the airlines and found this hysterical but the like button only allows me to vote once

  3. RapsAlive says:

    Ron Paul 2012!

    Vote for a candidate that stands for liberty, freedom, and fighting against increasing state tyranny! A candidate that has been consistent in their beliefs for dozens of years. A candidate standing for small government and an end to America’s bloated and unsustainable empire.

    Vote up, spread the message, and inform family and friends; support real change. This upcoming election really matters, and liberty can win.

  4. ross817 says:

    They should play this on airlines instead of having the actual lecture. I would actually listen to it that way.

  5. FordGTGuy says:


    Let’s just ignore the fact that he has been in congress for 12 terms without ever flip flopping on his views.

  6. kiplasret says:

    Enter: goo.gl8ONjl and get your own iPad 2.

  7. Fred20320 says:

    This made me laugh so hard i cried

  8. AKAcolide says:

    get on the plane … FUCK YOU im getting IN the plane

  9. MessengerOfDreams says:

    @Naedeslus Pretty sure those are a dime a dozen at Spencer’s. :P

  10. MessengerOfDreams says:

    About five minutes into a Katt Williams special I turned this on over it for the umpteenth time. XD

  11. shihonage1 says:

    @RydensMusicOfficial THAT’S NOT FUNNY.

  12. rangerfan345 says:

    I used to be a flight attendant, then I took an arrow in the knee

  13. trycoun says:

    @dustcan145 watch?v=uoI3hvYoozg
    it is the full show. enjoy :)

  14. dustcan145 says:

    where can i get the full verison of this?

  15. Erandros says:

    @JStalin195 you’re right… poetry still…

  16. TheChrisMillross says:

    COCKPIT…beautiful word

  17. LoudCarsFastGirls says:


  18. immortalium says:

    man how i wish i couldve been on a plane with him haha i know i wouldve had a great time XD lol

  19. JStalin195 says:

    @Erandros it’s clinging.

  20. Erandros says:

    …swinging to a pillow full of beer farts…
    poetry, truly…

  21. MrMasonx742 says:

    @jonjojo4 wow that was pure stupidity right there

  22. insidiom says:

    142 people are fat fucks.

  23. feo130 says:

    LMFAO XD Best comedian of all time!!!

  24. raeven1212 says:

    I want a grafteful dead t-shirt and a fuck you hat

  25. Stonii says:

    @onebaud1 Really, he didnt do this after he died?!

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