road head caught on video

admin | December 9, 2011 | 13 Comments

were driving along the high way coming Benz …. This is what we caught on tape. Video is like 1sec long, but watch it carefully .. looks like a friend is getting out of the drivers lap.

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  1. MacMan282 says:

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  2. DTFedhardy says:

    @missmagic100 haha yah 2 gay guys.. i didnt know to laugh or puke when i seen it.. it was gross

  3. missmagic100 says:

    lmoo eww wtf is that 2 guys?!?!?!?!?! that just off@@@#@#$#@#$@! did u laugh when u drove past them lmfaoooo

  4. DTFedhardy says:

    chink chink chink chink chink

  5. snsh13 says:

    LOL White people are right?
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  6. DTFedhardy says:

    @snsh13 gay friends?? nope. just on the highway pulling up to a swirving car to see what was up. but i wouldnt be judging bro.. in all fairness.. your a chink the scum of the earth

  7. DTFedhardy says:

    @snsh13 if your eyes wernt so chinked out to the side.. you would see that the driver has his HAND on passangers HEAD when hes coming up. take a look chink.. cracker ass white boy that doesnt bother me cause at the end of the day you still know WHITES RIGHT!. wow what kind of blackberry you got lmfao… the first one made with the scroll bar on the side haha. once again poor ass azn with a small dink.

  8. snsh13 says:

    lol. catch more than 2 seconds then. that guy was probably just reaching for something…but you a faggot that thinks of homos blowing each other.

    what is this a views contest, i don’t give a fuck what i got.
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  9. DTFedhardy says:

    mine is legit and actually caught on camera. been on just as long as your video.. but yet mine as 3times your views?? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,
    and doesnt star to fuckin ugly chinks driving down a road talking about nothing getting filmed by a 5$ loonie store camera you poor bitch. =) cheers

  10. snsh13 says:

    lol..your video is hardly any better than mine. =]

  11. DTFedhardy says:

    mladen go through all my vidz there is only like 6or7 and rate them 5stars :) plz

  12. DTFedhardy says:

    haha couple fags

  13. mdanicic says:

    hahah i was there when we rolled up on these two homos

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