Sri Lanka – Mattala, Hambantota International Airport – 2012

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Mattala International Airport is an international airport currently under construction in Mattala, in the district of Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka. When completed, the Mattala International Airport is Sri Lanka’s second international airport, joining Bandaranaike International Airport. It will mainly serve the city of Hambantota, along with southern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Initial plans to build an international airport serving the South of Sri Lanka in Weerawila, but those plans were scrapped due to environmental protection. This site was then moved to Mattala, a small town 15 km north of Hambantota. 0,000,000 Construction on the first phase of the airport began in November 2009 and should be completed by December 2011, with the first flight to land in January 2012. The new airport is being built to be compatible with the latest aircraft and the Airbus A380 was designed in accordance with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The airport is designed to facilitate more than 800 international passengers during peak hours and a few local passengers per 1000 km ² on the side of the building. [1] will support the air-sea cargo transshipment in conjunction with the nearby Hambantota Port

from Raleigh Durham International (KRDU) When flying on GPS Kinston Reg. NC. Flight level was at 3,500 feet, to 120 heading from RDU. I was approved for takeoff on runway 5R. The ceiling was 4500 feet. By flying in the clouds, it’s a bumpy ride. On the way back, I decided to climb to 6500 ft. MSL above the clouds. The ride was much smoother there. I fly a Cessna 172sp G1000. I’m wearing a new jacket Tuskegee Airmen, which I got for Christmas and my Shaw University stop (Shaw U!!) (1of3)
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  1. keithbarthelot says:

    Sri Lankan will have their first A380 by the end of 2012!!

  2. j00000111 says:

    Wonderful! I can’t wait to land there and go home in around an hour’s time. God Bless Sri Lanka!!!

  3. Luxayan says:

    The Airport looks Smaller than Colombo International Airport.

  4. VidAlienX says:

    The airport runway is planned to be big enough to land an A380, so SriLankan can now buy an Airbus A380! :)

  5. chutilerki says:


  6. abdul2435 says:

    Proud to ba a srilankan and i cant wait to go and land at the HIA.

  7. TempusIC says:

    very Impressive!

  8. Chamath5 says:


  9. BULLBULLI says:

    There should arrange A380 airbus flight also arriving place specially!i wish srilanka airlaines should reduce the ticket price.

  10. stefficarola says:


  11. KAUDAME says:

    go go SL!!!

  12. TheKlown5 says:

    i love the james bond theme music in da background.

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